E3: Sony's Kevin Butler Responds

Kombo Writes: Also, it looks like Sony's Kevin Butler, in his typical mature, affluent fashion, has done the Twitter equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and going "lalalalala", commenting on Geoff Keighley's lack of commenting on his Twitter.

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HolyOrangeCows4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

Uhhh.....where does it mention KB in this article?

"Because when you think of a motion sensing camera interface device for a video game console, you think of an adorable plush tiger. GamingAngels obtained this pic, which obviously ties in to Kinetanimals, the upcoming pet simulator"
This is the only text in the article. Maybe something got deleted or whatever, but it doesn't mention KB now.

That would be totally awesome....until you exploded, that is.

Another One4551d ago

I think you should check again. There's even the tweet KB sent Keighley.

FarEastOrient4551d ago

Keighley didn't seem too amazed from his twitter...

captain-obvious4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

sorry but i dont get what KB said

BWS19824551d ago

in Microsofts corner, no MS fanboys have any right to call the medium-built Kevin Butler any bit large. That's like a midget calling a Hobbit short. Fail.

hay4551d ago

Kevin Butler is new Segata Sanshiro.

Oner4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

@ captain-obvious ~ He's asking why Geoff Keighley ISN'T tweeting/commenting/saying anything about MS's down right embarrassing event & lack of innovative games (or any games for that matter).

Basically calling him out on his bias because of his track record of being quite vocal AGAINST most things Sony while being either quiet/hushed (like now) or obviously hyping MS BS stuff. Just think about how bad this would have been if it was Sony who did this crap? And how Keighley would have slammed Sony for it.

Actually if you really break it down it KB implies he is in the pocket of MS because of the last line specifically ~

"@geoffkeighley ur account was inactive for a bit. Does this trending #spaceponcho thing block all external transmissions?"

LMFAO ~ "Space Poncho's" I bet someone already has that name taken on N4G!

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HolyOrangeCows4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

LOL, yeah, they fixed it.
It must just have been linked to the wrong article.

How was that "the Twitter equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and going 'lalalalala'"?

Christopher4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

Yeah, I didn't get how that was him ignoring what Microsoft was doing. It was KB being typical KB. Instead of "pew pew pew" this time it was "#spaceponcho". It's funny, but feel a bit bad for Geoff since you know he has to be nice to both sides of the fence while he's at E3 and filming.

Edit: Also... 100% Awesome:

OneSneakyMofo4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

Let's hope Kinect ships with four space ponchos for unneeded intereference. We're also going to need a special edition for black people.


Is that for me? I'm making fun of Kinect =D


Whatever you say, my good man. That must be why CheapyD and a handful of others had to wear space ponchos: Hilarious.

Christopher4551d ago

Eh, that's old and worn out, the whole 'doesn't see black people' item. Not to mention false. IR camera alone can see all shades of colors perfectly fine since it's heat-based technology.

sikbeta4551d ago

Spaceponchos lol, that's the Best thing ever...

valanceer4551d ago

KB is the best and very funny...."@geoffkeighley ur account was inactive for a bit. Does this trending #spaceponcho thing block all external transmissions?"

oh and Droid... you wonder why you only have one bubble?

Kerrby4551d ago


Butler brings some comedy and he's criticized for it?

Stupid article. Not even newsworthy.

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dizzleK4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

he summed it up using this clip from the beginning of the demonstration-

and he didn't mean it in a good way....

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PirosThe4th4551d ago

You do realize he is an actor?

lolololol ....

OneSneakyMofo4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

Chuck Norris is also an actor. Do you think that makes him any less of a badass? Thought so.

El_Colombiano4550d ago

Oh that was such a great comeback. Was that staged ala Kinect conference or was it just that awesome?

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