Ebert: Videogames Still Not Art

Roger Ebert has taken on director, author and videogame advocate Clive Barker, reiterating his stance that games cannot be art-or as he specifies, "high art."

Back in 2005, prolific film critic Roger Ebert came right out and said that games are "inherently inferior to film and literature," saying creating a game is more like "craftsmanship" than artistry. The central point of his reasoning is that games typically hand over authorial control to the player.

At the Hollywood and Games Summit, novelist Barker, who created the Hellraiser film, expressed strongly his belief that the games industry is the new frontier for artists.

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THAMMER14200d ago

Being an ignorant Fat Bastard is not an art either. LOL

sajj3164200d ago

the dudes a cancer patient ... cut him some slack. Anyway, its his opinion but I think games like MGS4 might change his opinion. Even epic games like God of War can be categorized as artful as its an expression of ones concept. If developers higher artists for character modeling, what separates this from a Pixar movie?

THAMMER14200d ago

I did not know he had CANCER!? I hope he recovers into good health. I still feel he is a bit ignorant when it comes to games.

I would say casual games are not art but games like God of war, Gears of war, Shadow if the colossus, and Halo are defiantly art or at least the story mode is. Just like a book or the movies games today have plot twists and climaxes that affect you emotionally and push your senses to places movies can never go.

TR0N4200d ago

I know that most of you will say that im crazy or an @sshole but only @ssholes get cancer. This guy only keeps saying that because video games are becoming so realistic that they are rivaling movies and he doesnt want to loose his job. wether video games are art or not is debatable but i dont really care if they are or not to me they are just video games and some suck and some are great just like movies , wether movies are art is also debatable, to me they are just movies , some suck and some are great. But i would dare say that video games are made by people who are real artists and the only type of movies that can compare in that sense are the computer animated or cantoon ones.

ShiftyLookingCow4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

this old guy shouldnt really talk about games
@TR0N, "only @ssholes get cancer", dont tell me nobody you knew personally suffered from cancer? well if no, reality is going to hit you very very fu(king hard

PlayStation3604200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

I think you hit it right on the head there bro. Games, especially SotC and ICO, can be art if they have a gripping story. If the game can immerse the gamer into the story, make the gamer angry, make him cry, make him laugh, then what makes it soo much different than a movie? I'm hearing the upcoming game Fable 2 will be one of those games.

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VirusE4200d ago

lol, no it isnt but your comment is!

Dr Pepper4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Oh well, they're still fun. More fun than going to an art museum.

Even though a videogame is not art (according to Ebert), art goes into making the game (conceptual designs, etc.).

kilgore4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

more production value go into games because a lot of thimgs have to be done in real time.
games right now have better story lines than recent movies :
"Dukes of Hazard", oh yeah the soon "Bratz" the movie

come on if "Bratz" is art than he clearly misunderstands the value of games games.

Marceles4200d ago

He's one of those kind of people that says "Spider-man comics aren't art...but Picasso is genious." Maybe we need to show him MGS4 to change his mind up a little...

"The central point of his reasoning is that games typically hand over authorial control to the player."

So if you don't control the player, then it's art? I don't even think next-gen knows why his reasoning this way...

VirusE4200d ago

I think a game is art. Art is a word that shouldn't have boundaries like this as it goes against the idea of art. If dada is art than video games are to. If a guy can buy a shovel, take it to the museum, hang it on the wall and call it art (True story) then a video game can be art. If a guy can buy a sandwich, put it in a glass jar, let it rot and then put it in a museum (also a true story) and call it art then games are art.

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