N-Gage launch slips to Q4, but 35 games in development

The Pocket Gamer team is spending today in Brighton, for the Develop Mobile conference. Nokia's Martin O'Driscoll has just given a presentation on the next-gen N-Gage platform, in which he revealed a few snippets of new information, and a big dollop of the wider strategy behind it.The big news today is that Digital Chocolate has signed up to make games for N-Gage, and according to O'Driscoll, there are 35 games in development for the platform, although not all will be out when it launches this year

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RussianSniper4157d ago

They're still going to make an n-gage?

Are you freaking joking, like the first two weren't bad enough, you actually think your going to have a chance?

PS360WII4157d ago

I often wondered what sound a tree would make if it fell down with no one to hear it.

Yes the N-Gage if falling on deaf ears. Who is really intrested in the phone that horrible flopped a few years back? How is it possible that the team behind the first one said 'hey this thing is selling awesome lets make another!'...?

MK_Red4157d ago

Wow, I thought the whole new N-Gage to program was cancelled. I hope they do it right this time.