Rumor: Kinect to have two versions, most expensive costs $189.00

VG247 has just been informed by an inside source close to Natal/Kinect that there will be two version of the camera controller when it hits the market.

The most expensive one will run you $189.00.

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frankymv3822d ago

that $189 better include a console

Imperator3822d ago

Yea, at that price this thing will fail hard. for 20 bucks more you can get a Wii... Heck, the new 360 may be around 200 bucks so for 20 bucks you get a brand new 360.. meh.

-Alpha3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

God damn MS is leaking worse than that oil pipe that you see in the news.

That's crazy, but the question is, what does it include and why is it different? How will that affect gamers? Does one have better technology?

I wonder how much cheaper the other version is. I think MS is targeting new gamers with the more expensive version. The general audience sees something like Minority Report and sees that technology to exist far in the future. MS will advertise it as if the future is already here, and for the low, low price of $189! I can definitely see casuals being impressed with that price, wouldn't you? They may see it as cheap, it's all the presentation of advertising and I sincerely believe MS will advertise Natal to casuals in a whole different way than they will to gamers.

As for hardcore or existing gamers I doubt they'd bite... but does that mean MS is serving the other version for them? And if so, why is it cheaper? I question if these two versions are identical or if one is a bundle. Hopefully the more expensive one really comes with a console, and if so then I expect it to be an Arcade model and I am assuming very much that we will see a price drop.

Anon19743822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Kinect is most likely the name Microsoft is going with for the social networking aspect of Microsoft's "Kin" smart phones. Chances are they're going to make this network available on the 360, hence the "Kinect compatible" label.
I might be inclined to think "Kinect" is the name for Natal if it weren't for the fact that Kin is the name of their phones. Makes more sense that Kinect is related to that.

I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow, but methinks this site has just jumped the gun.

I find it a bit odd everyone thinks this is Natal all of a sudden. When Microsoft trademarked Kinect months ago, no one even mentioned Natal and all the tech sites theorized it's the social network associated with the Kin phones. I don't know why suddenly all these sites are so sure it's Natal. Doesn't the social network make more sense? Kin-ect - Con-nect, but for the Kin phones? Doesn't that make more sense?

Edit: Well shut my mouth. I just read the USA Today article. Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Kinect Sports. Looks like Natal is now Kinect. Not a bad name.

FrankenLife3822d ago

If the Kinect name is real, it very well could be region specific. It is a little too early to be calling it that.

sikbeta3822d ago

So, it's called "kinect"?, so where the hell "wave" came from?

2 version? why don't make 1 version alone, way to alienate the consumers, also $189 is too much for an add-on, no matter how good some people will try to make it look, average Joes will not pay that much for a Peripheral when they know for 11 bucks more they can buy the king of motion-crappy-control-gaming aka the wii...

Sevir043822d ago


"Microsoft's Marc Whitten has said that Kinect (formerly known as Project Natal) is "fundamentally different" from the motion control Nintendo introduced with Wii."

if this thing is priced at 189 bucks then kinect will fail and hard.!!! I cant believe they are gonna charge that much money for an over priced camera on upgraded Eyetoy technology... you are better off buying a wii with motion plus or a MOVE+PSeye combo for that money...

MS but you fail on this

Parapraxis3822d ago

@sikbeta, I think "wave" comes from their new packaging design.

Hideo_Kojima3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Now do people see why Sony skipped on this idea? Maybe by the time PS4 is out this technology will be cheaper. Imagine a 3D camera + Move controller combo. It would be too good to be true.

Very expensive... maybe the 2 versions mean one comes with a game and the other doesn't. I wouldn't pay more than $120 for Natal/Kinetic (WITH A GAME INCLUDED)

However last year MS said that Natal pricing will be similar to console pricing. Meaning it will be expensive and the price will go down over time...

Its not like a controller pricing that stays the same.

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KillerPwned3822d ago

I would not doubt it that the most expensive comes with the console.

Parapraxis3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

I think you're probably right.

Surprised at disagrees.
Do people REALLY think that Kinect could be 189$ by itself!
O_o that's astonishing, I know MS often charges too much for peripherals but...really.

EDIT: Re-reads article. Lets HOPE this isn't true.

RememberThe3573822d ago

MS has been very competitive on the pricing end this generation and I wouldn't expect them to stop now.

Drac3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

That would be a big cash hit for MS if that's the case, but it's states above "two version of the camera" and the price is for the more expensive camera, so I think we're pipe dreaming about getting the camera and console for $189.

deadreckoning6663822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Wait. Is that for the controller alone?! NO WAY! If thats the case then Microsoft just screwed up...HARD.

EDIT: Idk, I think its bullshit. $189.99??? Why not make it $199.99? No. I don't believe it. I'll wait for the official word from Microsoft.

-Alpha3822d ago

I don't know about you but I'll take $189.99 over $199.99

Well I wouldn't take it at all at that price, but if I had a gun to my head...

DuneBuggy3822d ago

If its 189.00 for basically Natal and a Arcade together, that undercuts the Wii by 10 bucks right?

GiggMan3822d ago

I hope that's not right, even the hardcorest of fanboys can't justify that price...

Crusade3822d ago

How long have you been on n4g?

Ilikegames763822d ago

read Conlols, Green, and Omega's comments for reference.

Anarki3822d ago

FFS these people love to make false crap.
There was maybe a small leak of an image.... not every single aspect of the godamn product.

Montrealien3822d ago

well, compared to move, it is about the same price for a full experience with a few friends.

We will see.

Sunny_D3822d ago

There hasn't been a price for MOVE has there? Also, for about 20-50/ bucks, I could get an Eyetoy or PS EYE.

Montrealien3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

you are kidding right? it's pretty easy to figure out, plus this is ruffly the cost. A rep told us as he had move demo a month or so back.

here, big announcment, just for you.

Move (wiimote) plus pack in game, 59.99$
nun chuck, wireless, 29.99-39.99$

1 player right there.

camera 39.99

full bundle 99.99$

And that is fine imho.

Wildarmsjecht3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Yea the bundle is supposed to be under 100 dollars, and include a camera, a game pack, and the Move controller. Granted no one knows what the standalone product will be. If you have an official link Montr id like to see it, but as I can tell:

A PSEYE costs between $30-40 (from amazon and other retailers)
So the move would be between 50-70 (if they include the packaged game as $10 MSRP)

But then again, where as with 3 or 4 friends it'd be around the same price for 4 people on NATAL, who's to say people want to buy that many.


Thanks alot mate, i was looking for that link.

So in actuality, it's supposed to be about 70 US dollars for the combo pack...which makes me think the Move controller itself will be considerably less. Maybe 30-40 dollars like the PSEYE itself.

Montrealien3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

so roughly 200$ for four people to play. makes sense. about the same as the wii.

Edit: @below, don't forget to factor in the wireless nun chuck. I think it will be separate. I may be wrong though.

Wildarmsjecht3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Yea, if the pricing is in fact 50 dollars. It could very well be 30 dollars like the PSEYE is. One thing that is an advantage about this, as I've stated above, is that for the people who don't plan on playing with 3 other people, they can just buy 2. Or there are people who just want to try out the Move or play with it themselves, then that's only 30-50 dollars. It's like controllers. From a consumers point of view, its more logical to buy 2 controllers if you only plan on having 2 people use it, instead of spending the *RUMORED* 190 dollars on Kinect that cud allow up to 4 (or more? Im not sure, someone confirm please) people, but not what you need.

Edit: @Above

I've never heard mention of it being seperate to be honest. As for as I know, it was to be placed together. I think they scrapped the idea of using the DS3 in conjunction with the wand, and since the Archery game that has been previewed is rumored to be part of the bundled game, it would be silly to leave out a piece that looks to be crucial.

liveActionLeveler3822d ago

Yes that would equal the price of the Wii but not that you still need a ps3 console for move.

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Inside_out3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Open the flood's rolling now...waiting all day...$190 must be a joke...c'mon..I have all the consoles, 2 360's...that's too much...I hope that's a mistake...I hope the Kinect/360 arcade thing is still $299...That might be the scam right there...sell it with a console for almost the same price...kill 2 birds with one the new 360...looks really sharp...why not just keep Natal as the name...moving coming in by the second...luv E3...

niceguywii603822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

The more expensive one will come with games or some sort of compatible Natal motion Wand and Sub controller not yet announced. This supposed leaked info IMO confirms my gut feeling about Natal accessories. We will know in 55 minutes.

SillySundae3822d ago

Hi! Is there a countdown somewhere that will reveal the price?

-Ikon-3822d ago


Total fail i told everyone would NEVER be under $100

absolutecarnage3822d ago

of all this rumor crap and everybody throws their hands in the air and believes it right away. unless it comes from Microsoft themselves shut the hell up .

And No This Inside source doesn't count

B-Real2063822d ago

Tonight's big Xbox 360-themed Cirque du Soleil performance will be co-hosted by iCarly's Jennette McCurdy and MTV's Sway Calloway.

BannedForNineYears3822d ago

Since when is it called "Kinect"?
I thought that was a rumor. -_-

Philaroni3822d ago

@ Alpha

Question is will Sony follow suit if this is in deed a new system with a lower price point. Its been proven Sony can out sell MS at the 'same' price point but not when MS is lower then they are. I know for a fact MS makes a good deal of every 360 sold enough so to do a major price drop this year.

Nykamari3822d ago

What do you mean by that? Sony can't out sell MS at this price, dude get out 2007. That headstart MS got means nothing now. I hope Natal turns out ok, I may pick it up for my kids. The price means nothing to people that's willing to try something new!

Philaroni3822d ago

Sorry my bad I was thinking the Xbox would be that price. LOL brain fart moment there.

Blacktric3822d ago

A classic Microsoft accessory pricing. It won't sell unless Microsoft gives hardcore players something to look forward to. We've only seen Natal working with casual games and nothing else. We saw Move with both casual and hardcore games and it works perfect for both types. Two choices left for Natal; go hardcore or gtfo.

BeOneWithTheGun3822d ago

Jumping around is ridiculous.

IdleLeeSiuLung3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Even right before the event, they still manage to sneak out some more new rumored information! WTF!

zeeshan3822d ago

That rumor sounds sooooo a rumor that will never come true. I mean $189 for an accessory? Plus two versions of Kinect (I hate the name by the way) makes no sense. Devs won't like the fact that they will have two different Kinect platforms and try to make their games work on both. That's just plain bull*

I know that M$ loves to rip off their consumers (what with the huge price of hard drives, wifi etc) but even they are not THAT stupid to smack a $189 price tag on an accessory. Or.... are they?

tahersaid3822d ago

You are dreaming, buddy.

chaosatom3821d ago

I thought that it couldn't get any worse

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jay23822d ago

The price rumors (and the prices GAME's been coming up with) are horrible. But they're beaten by the game titles that support it (That we know so far.)

No deal for Kinect.

nilamo3822d ago

I can only shake my head in disgust...

Tony-A3822d ago

Jesus Christ....

But why would they have two versions?

jack_burt0n3822d ago

article says with and without motorised auto tracking.

qface643822d ago

maybe one version will be the camera itself and another one will be like a bundle that comes with natal compatible games