E310: Eminem Performing at the Activision Event

Last night, Eminem posted on his twitter account that he will be performing in a private Activision private event taking place at E3 2010.

He might be promoting DJ Hero 2 with DJ Z-Trip.

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HolyOrangeCows5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

Activision's E3 conferences always have such quality talent.

Note: Please be aware that "/s" means that the above text was sarcasm.

NYC_Gamer5149d ago

too bad i cant say the same about their games..

xTruthx5149d ago

Hope he performs "not afraid"

Sunny_D5149d ago

Meh, I don't like his new album. Recovery is better than that god awful, accent filled Relapse, but nothing compared to his old stuff. It seems to mainstream now.

Deputydon5149d ago

And yet it still surpasses almost all the rest of the mainstream rap out these days.

At least the video for Not Afraid is decent.

Unlike say... this video...


Anorexorcist5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

as long as he doesn't sell out and start doing collaborations with Justin "I'm so effeminately cute that all the fickle tweenage girls love me, but wouldn't want to have sex with me" Bieber like lame a$$ Ludacris, he's still okay in my book.

@ chrisnick

Anything associated with Bieber is lame. Get over it and accept it. He may be in the top 10 rappers...of the 21st century, but that is like saying my sh*t-covered twinkie has more sugar and it than your sh*t-covered twinkie.

"Luda" will never be respected or be on any level on the great rappers of the 20th century like Notorious B.I.G. Tupac Shakur, Eazy E, Ice Cube, etc. He's a fluke, and he'd sing with The Jonas Brother's if he knew he could benefit from it.

chrisnick5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

did you just say lame ass ludacris? I hate him for doing a collabo with bieber but one thing for sure he is not is lame. If it wasn't for him being commercial he's easily top 10 rapper....lyrically.

PoSTedUP5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

im all about the NY/north east underground rap because thats where one of the few places real hophop still lives.

beast1333 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
http://www.youtube.com/watc... mouth of madness
http://www.youtube.com/watc... templars of hiphop.
this dude produces some of the craziest lyrics and hip hop i ever herd. it blows my mind the stuff this guy says

you gotta understand that as time goes on, people have to stay revelent and keep up with the times to stay making that good money. why do you think legendary rappers aretn making good money and are not selling, wu-tang, onyx etc. because times have changed and its all about the beats and club music and how you market it nowa days. the down south music is taking over because they are about beats and club music and thats what most of thie country wants. thats why redman and meth are starting to use more down south beats, because it is smart business. wether you like the music or not, its all about business and staying revelent. i dont think its fair to dissmiss Ludacrisis talent and everything hes done as lame just because of a smart business collab. hes is a legend. and if biggie was still here, and if he did the same thing? as a legend? you would stop having respect for the man? i think your just a hater that thinks justin beiber isnt "cool" enough to be considered talented, you may not like him but thats just childish to look at him and call him lame because of what he does. its not about being HARD its about being SMART. i dont like beibers music but i wouldnt go calling names because of it. hes doing his thing, respect that.

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SeanRL5149d ago

lol no one gives a shit, eminem is gay.

Noctis Aftermath5149d ago

So why did you bother clicking on the article, and then go on to make a useless comment?

BX815149d ago

E is just a b!tch. Nothing in music is as annoying as someone who talks trash on a song just to get their name back out there. E was a bitch then and still is!

boodybandit5149d ago

I would love to have his coin!

I just watched the video Not Afraid and thought it was really good.

Inside_out5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

Must be for the COD Black ops...It's like deja vu all over again...Who remembers this kick A$$ game...

n4f5148d ago

i knew it, it seems activision doesnt want me to watch there show.
with eminem its for sure i wont watch it

Nihilism5148d ago

This just proves how sold out he is...

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cobraagent5149d ago

Eminem!!! The biggest gamer and the smartest man in this whole universe!!!!

Sunny_D5149d ago

Um, he's a performer. He's probably not going to be playing the game. Atleast, it's better than being a celebrity like Tony Hawk or Jamie Kennedy giving 2 shits about E3.

cobraagent5149d ago

i agree. He is better than the other guys but he is not a gamer

Giant_Chibi5149d ago

he plays alot of games.

here's a vid where he talks about witches in l4d.

Elven65149d ago

Tony Hawk actually plays games and knows a thing or two about them, he's also very dedicated to the development of his titles. Plenty of people would just put their name on the box and call it a day, when the Tony Hawk series started Tony was helping with development in his own way since day 1 and still does today from what I'm hearing.

silvacrest5149d ago

i dont get the "smartest man in the universe" comment...

as if any gamer comes close but who noes, he might play games

cobraagent5149d ago

most celebrities can't even count. Lets hope that he announces the correct games that he will never play

Noctis Aftermath5149d ago

@cobraagent: before you comment you should do some research, he's an intelligent man.

TheJudgement5149d ago

he just doing a performance and most likely be DJ Hero related. Even if its not gaming related if I was at E3 id be ecstatic to see Eminem perform live.

madpuppy5149d ago

LAME!!! what does a lame a$$ rapper have to do with gaming?

Noctis Aftermath5149d ago

DJ Hero 2?

Wow that was hard to figure out...

madpuppy5148d ago (Edited 5148d ago )

what does a lame A$$ rapper have to do with gaming, and why did they make a DJ hero 2? I thought that the first one was a flop?

I have a question about rappers? There is on average 1 million words in the English language, An average educated person knows about 20,000 words and uses about 2,000 words in a week.


My question is, why do rappers make up stupid sounding words (essentially nonsense words) for everyday things?

bjornbear5149d ago

doesn't change the fact that Activision is slowly ruining the video game industry.