Who Could Be the Final Spider-Man In Shattered Dimensions?

With the recent announcement of Spider-Man 2099 to stand alongside the Amazing Spider-man and Spider-Man Noir, it could potentially be a fun exercise to take a look at possible candidates for the fourth and unknown arachnid. Here are a few:

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Kingdom Come5115d ago

There are loads to choose out of, some more likely than others...

- House of M (Unlikely)
- Spiderman 1602 (Unlikely)
- Spiderman 2211 (Unlikely what with 2099)
- The Man-Spider (Likely)
- Spiderman: India (Unlikely)
- Age of Apocalypse (Unlikely)
- Powerless (Likely for variety)
- Symbiote Spiderman/Venom (Very Likely due to success of Ultimate Spiderman game)

Yi-Long5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

... I don't really care. It looks like yet another crappy Spider-Man game.

I just want a normal open-world Spidey game, with the normal marvel universe Spidey, based on the original comicbook stories, with all the great villans and friends, and great looking cell-shaded webswinging. I wanna fight a rampaging Hulk, I wanna chase down a crazy Punisher, I want to meet all those weird villains that used to make appearences, like Frog-Man or The Spot. I want to see She-Hulk and The Thing battling it out, etc etc etc.

I love Spidey, but this game will be horrible, as once again Activision shows they don't have a clue as to what the fans want.

Brewski0075114d ago

I agree. It looks like its going to be a short-lived game if i'm honest. Instead of focusing on 4 different spidey's they should have just one with ALOT more focus and development.
I can imagine what this game is going to be like.
4 smallish worlds with each one needing that particular spidey to do stuff in. When your finished you move onto the next. And so on. Rather than a Full open-ended spiderman with missions galore where you use your abilities at the appropriate times.
I really dont think this will be a success although i LOVE the spidey franchise, so i'll probably try it out anyways just to see.

ThanatosDMC5114d ago

Spiderman 2 was the last perfect Spiderman game. I cant believe i bought Ultimate Spiderman after Spiderman 2 thinking it'll be better.

Dom63905114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

if you look at the end of the newest trailer when it says "One More to be revealed" It gives a sneak peek at the fourth universe and to me it looks evil and more like Venom or the zombie spiderman than another other version but we will see

NeutralGamer5114d ago

Im amazed that no one mentioned Amored Spider Man

He is basicly just Spider Man with an amor made by Tony Start aka Iron Man...

NeutralGamer5114d ago

BTW here is a full list of alternatives spider mens:


The Lazy One5114d ago

black suited spider man is the best bet if they're going for what sells the most games.

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jsslifelike5115d ago

...SASM, but he was actually a mutation and not a dimensional thing. I'm actually really hoping to see Spider-Carnage and Madame Web in the game.

MGRogue20175115d ago (Edited 5115d ago )

Peter Parker himself

MysticStrummer5115d ago

Maybe it's Italian Spiderman. If you don't know what I'm talking about, YouTube it, it's hilarious. I want just regular everyday Spiderman in a big open world city. I don't care about this game at all.

The 10th Rider5115d ago

From the zombies that were at the end of the last trailer, I'm 99% sure it's zombie spiderman.