Metal Gear Online 1UP Preview

The main idea of MGO is hide and sneak. When the game came on screen, five players were visible, all in 3rd person. Four of them had their name and 'kojipro' above their heads -- up top was the time remaining, 11:02, and the score for each side (red and blue). It looked like it was all tied up at 99.

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HeartlesskizZ5418d ago

from what I can see in this screens is, u can edit and make ur own character, why? look at each of their uniforms, they all have different details. and their faces are not the same, also that pulse hold move is very useful in matches like survival. got to love the new ability to shoot wile knock on ground, that was anoyin back at mgs3 when online. theres only one question left, now u can see ur enemy trough walls but can u also shoot them? hope so.

timmyp535418d ago

ill kill you then salute u

HeartlesskizZ5418d ago

camo needs more polish, u can stil see him on the floor very clearly, the statue camo is really good, also the way the game is actually alive, the enemy is really active not some sleepy numb nuts, oo and the packets searching is really good follow by a fruit punch, and snake really moves like himself when he went down that second floor to kill the other guy, only thing miss here was a bit of a battle with a metal gear but im very happy to see where games can get with the help of a real developer. tumbs up Hideo.