Xbox Live Issue Being Fixed

Major Nelson discuss this problem on his blog and that it being worked on.

Major Nelson: "If you are having problems with or connecting to Xbox LIVE or, the operations team is aware of this and actively engaged. Sorry about the inconvenience, and rest assured that the operations team is working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue."

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pmx5422d ago

Hummm, maybe they are planning to reintegrate banned 360's to the live,

Dream ..........

ASSASSYN 36o5422d ago

Maybe, you need to learn how to type a complete sentence.

Rhezin5422d ago

maybe they shouldn't have modded their consoles in the first place, those nerd douches.

Hectic_Kris5422d ago

exactly for what happened to last xbox im not suprised they are taking it seriuosly this time round i kno this is off the topic but if it has something to do with modded xbox's do the nerds doing it relaly think ther guna get away with it this time round I DONT HINK SO