Project Natal: The Most Hated Peripheral Ever...EVER

Guerrilla Play Writes: Today Project Natal will surely die and become something else. Microsoft has scheduled a unveil today to introduce the 3D motion camera to the world.

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xxLuckyStrike4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

they fear it and anyone who supports it is hated ....they are trying to kill this opinion

Parapraxis4145d ago

Of course you do Conloles, then again, you pretty much hate ANYTHING that isn't PC-related.

ShinMaster4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

In an ironic turn of events, the Wii is now the console that requires less movement to be played!

Greywulf4145d ago

Natal won Times award of the year..
Xbox Magazine #5235235235 award of nothingness etc...

WHO the hell is hating on Natal outside of the people that know its the eyetoy, as its proven by Ricochet(Yes buh buh wait for e3, of course... then we will see Obstacle course!)? It sure as hell isn't the media. In fact, find me any article from:

1. Wired
2. PCworld
3. Gizmodo
4. Cnet

Saying 1 negative thing about Natal. I know you wont find it, because there are no real media publications claiming so.

You want to know what 'hating' really is? Hell look at their PS3 is doomed coverage.

Truth is this. 360 owners on this site wanna feel prosecuted for something, but its just not going to stick. Natal is getting praise as if its been seen by anyone as a working device that will literally CHANGE THE WAY WE GAME AS YOU KNOW IT ZOMG! Nintendo couldn't even claim this with their Success of the Wii and get away without criticism, but Microsoft & Their advertising budget can convince people that the worst hardware developers of this generation, are pioneering technology for gaming and they've just been here 2 generations?


Natal is hyped out of control, swap it with Move, or the PSEye, and you'll see it exactly how everyone else sees it that laugh at it. But for some reason, give it a name like NATAL, and people want to pretend webcam gestures have never happend. YOu can youtube minority report controls from webcams right now. As well as 3dpong. Just as you could with the PSeye when it came out. THis tech is old as hell, MS's branding is behind it in full force which is sweet..

But as far as E3 and gaming goes? Microsoft isn't a gaming pioneer, Microsoft isn't in the lead of innovation and direction. Not saying SOny is, but it sure as hell isn't MS innovating fresh new ideas for gaming at every corner. XBL was great, but it was online gaming that was already bubbling with the dreamcast & ps2, and prior consoles.

Natal is directed towards casuals... Yet everyone is pretending they are buying one day one to play Halo?

secksi-killer4145d ago

everyone knows you are nothing but a pathetic sony loving turd. please, just throw yourself from the highest roof in your town please!!

what ive noticed on n4g is this.

anything "move" related is 100 comments of pure praise. where everyone who has been claiming that the 360 gimped an entire generation get excited at the prospects of wii style rubbish coming to the ps3.


anything "natal" related is full of idiots like greywulf again 100 comments of pure hate!! speaks volumes about the community on here. and where sony fanboys claim that the ps3 has the more mature community lol yep it's obvious that it is true when you read the rubbish they write.

im not saying that there isnt any xbox turds on here coz there is. they are just outnumbered 20:1

anyway. i would like both natal and move to die, and quick. i have a wii which i never use. and there is no way i will be buying either to play once or twic, then gather dust somewhere.

webeblazing4145d ago

it sounds like you didnt even read what greywulf said. he do gotta point

yippiechicken4145d ago

"In fact, find me any article from:

1. Wired
2. PCworld
3. Gizmodo
4. Cnet

Saying 1 negative thing about Natal. I know you wont find it, because there are no real media publications claiming so."

I don't know the answer to this because I haven't used Natal myself, but maybe you won't find much negativity because it's actually pretty good? I know, crazy idea.....

Good day! :)


Hypocrisy... Every XBOX fan crityciced to death the Eye Toy for trying to be differnt and bring some new twists to gaming..." JUST A WEBCAM" you said.

Now that Natal is coming and is just a more "technicall" copy of the EYE TOY. You guys are praising it as the second coming.

You know the real difference between NATAL and the EYE TOY?? Marketing and publicity. Every magazine, internet site, hollywood actor, MS employee etc, will be hyping the NATAL to death even if its crap. So this article FAIL.

YES SONY FANBOYS HATE IT...why?? Because we have our underrated and underhyped version NATAL in the EYE TOY for more than 2 years and devs have just ignored it. Now they get the same cam with a new name and they are hyping and praising it...


BTW...same applies to the MOVE vs Wii!

Sez 4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

I don't remember xbox having really any fanboys last gen. To even hate on the eyetoy. Sounds more like you hate natal because it's on the 360.And because it's MS. The fact that Sony didn't do a great job getting dev's to support it. That was the real problem why dev's didn't support the eyetoy. Becuase Sony didn't believe enough in it.

morganfell4145d ago

No, that's been the PS3 for the past 3 years. When you get even 1/10th of the hate articles about Natal that have been published about the PS3 and it's games then you can come back and make that comment. See you in a few years.

muDD4145d ago

Sony fanbois are always starting shyt!

Eddie201014145d ago

Don't fear nor hate Natal, just don't see it as being anything that's truly useful for the kind of games I like to play and I don't really want to control an interface by waving my hands and remembering different control words.

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hamoor4145d ago

Yes its the most in n4g
I mean if all those trolls don't care about natal then why they comment in every natal related article??

Inside_out4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Natal will be a smashing success. There is no doubt about that. Casual gaming is here to stay, take it or leave it...Casual gaming is not only staying, It's taken over. Look at the Wii...No HD, NO Blu-ray, NO 3D and people are still buying it everyday. 70++ million, double the PS3, almost double the 360...The so called " Hardcore " gamers are being out sold badly, as sad as that is.

After the M$ Natal presentation, the only thing the main stream media will be talking about that futuristic thingy from M$...M$ hopes Wii gamers will buy Natal...I think they are right...the won't need a new TV to play it...

MysticStrummer4145d ago

I find it hilarious that you would think that's a good point, cesspool, since you feel the need to comment on every PS3 related article. Natal isn't hated. It just doesn't have the potential for both casual and hardcore games that Move does.

nveenio4145d ago

While I'm sure we're not the same kind of gamer, I'm going to agree with you. Casual gamer is here to stay, and Natal probably will be successful. Will it be as successful as Wii? No. But neither will Move. Who will they be successful with? Gamers like me. I had been kicking around getting a Wii for my kids, but now that the PS3 has it coming, I can wait and save a little dough.

And that's really all Move and Natal will be to the general population--a substitute Wii.

Now, the hardcore is a different story. Move will have more success out of the gate, but I honestly believe that M$ will launch a "Move"-a-like for Natal to enable hardcore games.

I guess we'll just have to give them each a year on the market.

Milamber4145d ago

Least MS aren't making another wand, that would be no good for the industry. Even if Natal fails it will still have a positive effect in pushing the industry in new directions.

Milamber4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Just to clarify, I wasn't bashing Sony; there's just no point in having a wand on both the HD consoles.


"Its PS3 Eye in the shape of a Wii Sensor Bar."

You can put that twist on pretty much any piece of technology. It is new tech, so is Move. They both have great potential.


It's a new imput method, new game experiences will come from BOTH Natal and Move. When Digital cameras came out I guess you didn't get one because they were just another camera, right?

NecrumSlavery4145d ago

Its PS3 Eye in the shape of a Wii Sensor Bar. Does body reconization, etc. How far I this pushed? Move is true 1:1, the Eye does body tacking, voice reconization, 3D depth if field, etc. Plus 3D dude

Both are different than anything out before.

DaTruth4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

No, just another camera! Don't see how video cameras are a new direction.

MysticStrummer4145d ago

Move is not just another wand. It's precision says so, and so do developers.

Denethor_II4145d ago

Least MS aren't making another wand, that would be no good for the industry.

Kind of like when they push the idustry with a 10 year old DVD player.

Milamber4145d ago

@Mystic Strummer

You misunderstood. Move IS the wand.


You raise an excellent point but it looks like you posted it in the wrong topic as we weren't talking about formats.

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Wizziokid4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Only on N4G where the sony fanbase destroy anything 360 related, but hey maybe MS should have made a Wii wand to?

Disagree's? because I didn't praise sony?

ChronoJoe4145d ago

Disagree's because you didn't read the article, it's a pro-360, anti PS3 article.

MS should have made a nunchuk, though. Without one it's all on-rails games for Natal, fun stuff. Or do they expect me to hold a 360 controller in one hand, to move?

Wizziokid4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

At least you can give a reason, which doesn't bother me, I have read the article I just disagree with it because the sheer amount of Sony bots that are going to see this article and flame it like theirs no tomorrow.

I agree that MS should add some sort of device to hold with Natal but on that note dev's who want to make a certain game can always make an object which can be used because remember it can scan in objects for the player to use. the possibilities are there it's just down to, will they use it to its potential.

Again with the disagrees, well that's N4G for you

Hellsvacancy4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Stop actin like such a girl man and grow up

N4Gs been a 360 ran site ever since i 1st joined (2 years ago) the amount of stick us PS3 owners hav had to put up with is unbelievable

butterfinger4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Get over yourself. When the PS3 FIRST came out, N4G was overrun with 360 fanboys, but it doesn't take a genius to see that all of the PS3 fanboys like yourself are getting all of the agrees on this site and have been for the past 2 years. Wizziokid and others like him speak the absolute truth and get blasted for it (mostly by anonymous cowards) for no reason. We can pretend it's opposite day on N4G if you want (which is clearly what you're doing), but even well-known devs and other industry member know that N4G is nothing but tabloids for PS3 fanboys nowadays.

EDIT: OMG, I have 4 disagrees already! I am so utterly shocked!

FragMnTagM4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

As a rather neutral gamer, I can see from coming to this site for the past two years that Sony supporters definitely get a golden pass around here. Whenever I speak about a game that I like, and about features in it trying to have a discussion about it, there are at least five posts above as well as below mine that have PS3 trolls. They say stuff like RROD, Red Balls, Fatal, and list goes on and on.

The opposite is true in nearly every single Sony article I look at that I am interested in. I look through the comments and of course there are going to be some XBOX trolls, yet for the most part the PS3 only guys get to discuss their games without getting hassled too much.

Try to prove that I am wrong.

Sheikh Yerbouti4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

That is what I want to know...How does Natal handle motion in a 3D environment? I can't run into my kitchen and away from my TV set. Do I walk in place? Cause I still don't want to do that.

That's what I've been meh about a camera since EyeToy. All the action did was put you in a frame, limiting the variety of gameplay experiences you'll have with Wave/Natal/PSEye Toy/Whatever. There were no shooters for EyeToy, no sandbox action games that I know of. It was good for only so much, and not that much at that. Still fun, but nothing necessarily compelling.

The variety of gameplay experiences are equatable to the variety of markets for videogame software (e.g., first person shooters, sport simulation, sandbox action games, et cetera). Limiting the variety of gameplay experiences you can have is the same as limiting the size of your product's market.

A 3D camera is only revolutionary if it allows you to take advantage of the use of 3D space, and that means allowing for independent movement.

CoxMulder4145d ago

Look at comment #1 on this article, a 360 fanboy..

Same is the case for many, MANY PS3 articles.

Doesn't exactly prove your point.

When I first came to this site people got laughed at for even buying a PS3 by guys like theMART, Green, GEC, Socomnick etc etc..

The 360 fanboys have just ran out ammunition, while the PS3 fanboys are getting more ammunition by the day.

The most fanatical 360 fanboys seem to have turned PC fanboy though.

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D4RkNIKON4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Yeah I remember those days, Sony fans would get disagrees for anything and PS3 was ripped apart for costing so much, not winning the console war, not having any games, having Haze shoved in our faces and having multiplatform games look like shit. Oh how the times HAVE changed. lol

DaBadGuy4145d ago

Jesus, you all talk like you survived the race riots.

FanboysWillHateMe4145d ago

hahaha, for real

I read that paragraph and I was like, "Goddamn, these console wars must have affected him like Vietnam did U.S. soldiers."

butterfinger4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

What's really sad is that Hellsvacancy still lives in a bubble of paranoia about "those days".

logikil4145d ago

Idiot fanboys man, what do you expect. They aren't exactly fountains of logic and reasoning.

FragMnTagM4145d ago

towards Sony when I first joined this site. There was also a lot of XBOX hate at the same time too. Now a few years later and I cannot talk about something I am interested in and have an intelligent conversation with someone without some bastard lousing it up.

Regardless of your favorite platform, we all share a same interest. It is about as retarded to me as going to a party and arguing over which beer is better. "This one is shaped differently at the neck, which allows for optimum flow and taste." "Oh yeah, well I get laid more drinking this one because it has diamonds embedded in the glass."

Yeah, it is retarded as that.

DaTruth4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Turnabout is fair play. Just about every other videogame site is full of 360 fanboys... you guys can go there and feel at home.

Nice to have one site where we can discuss the PS3 without it being ripped apart!

Ontopic: Natal has shown us nothing but crap so far and they keep it in the news with nothing trying to accumulate undeserved hype. So far nobody has any reason to like Natal or be impressed whatsoever! Maybe they shouldn't hate it, but the damn thing is getting so much praise for having done nothing yet, then people expect us to not trash it like if somebody came out with Richochet as a stand alone game, it wouldn't get destroyed from the start

CoxMulder4145d ago

Yeah, the Gametrailers forum and comment section is digusting.

Killzone 3 is ten times more hated than Natal around those parts of the internet..

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Hallmark Moment4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Sounds about right except for the 360 fan list.

Microsoft Guys Hate:

"Natal due to the fact that Microsoft has shown nothing up to this point." (((No 360 fans hates Natal for this, we are waiting patiently, we understand Microsoft is wanting to shock and awe the world)))

-The Price is still unknown. (((Ridiculous, No one hates Natal in the 360 camp because we don't know the price yet)))

-That Move might be better.(((Move isn't even in the same league, I don't think 360 fans care about Move)))

-Rumor after Rumor(((Why would 360 fans all of a sudden not understand the way the internet works and then start hating Natal because media try to get traffic or anti Microsoft and or pro Sony supporting media try to destroy a major threat to them?

-The possibility of another failed peripheral(((More of a upgrade to the console than a peripheral)))

This writer wanted to avoid too much heat from PS3 fanboys by making up BS points of view from 360 fans? LOL

The only people hating Natal are the Zealot groups from the Sony and Nintendo camps and the companies themselves.

It's more of a fear than all out hate. When you see PS3 fanboys trolling every Natal article tracking its news and paying more attention to Natal than they do their own E3 you know its fear.

Sony revealed half their E3 just to remind people they will be at E3 and has even tweeked Moves launch schedule because of Natal. You see Move videos in PS3 kiosks in game shops already.

I've never seen a group of fanboys wanting something to fail so hard in my life.

air14145d ago

sony fanatics are not gamers, they are just sony fanatics...

all they do is hate on all things but sony..

gamers should support things like this. natal and move can "add" so much more to gaming but everyone is afraid to put the controller down and put there hardcorness to the side for a few...

how can you be a gamer and wish for games to fail? i just dont get that logic.. bring on the motion controls " im not afraid" if it fails then it fail if not i will be among the many who was not afraid..

asyouburn4145d ago

its about what microsoft has shown me. so far, the future of games is about dodgeball and river rafting. can you blame people for being skeptical? i see the potential for natal, but i saw the potential in the wii as well, and there has been some good games that i have played, but for the most part its collecting dust. i could sit around and dream up all the cool things i wish natal will do, but in the end, you know as well as i that its gonna be all about avatar bowling, and maybe invisble bat home run derby, or 30 in one ubisoft party games.

4145d ago
Seferoth754145d ago

Ahead of the company that dominated last gen in every way that matters?

Some failure.

MRMagoo1234145d ago

i take it by every way that matters you mean failure rate because there is nothing that the 360 is ahead of anymore, higher rated games ps3, better exclusives ps3, lower fail rate ps3, world wide sales ps3,free online ps3 the list goes on so the only conclusion i can come to is that high fail rates matter to you otherwise your comment makes no sense.

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