Mercenaries 2: PS3/360 vs PS2 Version info

The PS2 and PS3/360 versions are different games, but share the same colourful setting (Venezuela) and the same plot about fighting over oil and a double-crossing megalomaniac named Ramone Solano. This Bond villain wannabe is a nasty piece of work, who hires you to fulfil a contract (which you do) then tries to kill you when you return for your pay. The humiliation of being shot in the ass while you escape is your character's main motivation. You're not going to let him get away with that. Are you?

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itsalive4200d ago

Save your time and don't waste it reading this silly article.

MrSwede4200d ago

I should´ve read your comment first, itsalive, cause I wasted a good couple of minutes! And I was hoping for screenshot comparisons last gen vs. current gen..