SOE "evaluating" cross-platform Agency

When Sony Online Entertainment announced its action-heavy MMO The Agency and revealed it's in development for PC and PS3, we wouldn't have berated you for assuming it'll support cross-platform play. It seems an obvious feature, after all.

But SOE made no mention of whether such will be included either way, and it's emerged that the feature is a maybe, and still being considered by the developer.

"We're evaluating this [cross-platform support]", The Agency's lead designer Hal Milton has told CVG in an interview to be published shortly. "However, we're not prepared to make a statement at this time."

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MK_Red5418d ago

But will MS allow them to do so on Vista? I believe that for cross-platform play on Vista they need MS help and support but who knows? If this and UT3 cross-platform on PC-PS3 becomes a reality, the fee costing Live Anywhere might be in more trouble than it already is.

[email protected]5418d ago

I don't much about those Vista Live and stuff. but IF they own a dedicate server for they game...? as they did with the PS3 right. Will be any problem with the cross-platform?

I think its a great idea anyway. I know u can do it Sony.

achira5418d ago

this has nothing to do with ms owning vista. it will be a normal application which will allow crass plattform, thats it.

TitanUp5417d ago

haven't seen much on the agency but what i have seen am not really that interested in any of it. much better games on the way.