Console wars 2007: The numbers so far

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony - Titans of the videogame industry and sworn enemies on the console battlefield. But which of gaming's Big Three is winning the war in 2007 so far? Well, using the monthly US hardware sales figures released by market researchers NPD Group, we've tallied up the past six months worth of numbers (Jan-June) to find out how consoles and handhelds have fared in the States during the first half of 2007. Here are the results:

Total US hardware sales January-June 2007
DS: 2.7 million
Wii: 2.1million
Xbox 360: 1.3 million
PSP: 1.3 million
PS3: 763k


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PS360WII5418d ago

wow didn't know diddy kong racing sold that well.

Very intresting that psp sold as much as the 360 for Jan-June

the_round_peg5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

Everything stated by PS360WII is a fact.

diddy kong racing sold well.

and PSP sold as much as the 360 for Jan-June.

Those are FACTS. It's not like they are his opinions. What's there to be disagreed with?!?!

VirusE5418d ago

Kids and fanboys are rotting this site.

MrSwede5418d ago

Yeah! Please guys, if someone is stating facts, why disagree? It´s a great thing to be able to agree/disagree so use it properly!

ItsDubC5418d ago

Wow, DS is still killin it. I wonder if the Wii will surpass the DS in sales numbers by the end of the year.

djt235418d ago

lololol most of the games on the list sell at least a million copes
if you look on the sell of the ps3 u note that it only sold PS3 763k
and user base is not so big period

Bloodmask5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

is owning in every country including the USA. Both hardware and software wise.

360 sales seem to be steady but slow compared to last year.

PS3 sales are slow in US.

These numbers are of no suprise bc of the known monthly sales. These numbers will all increase bc of the Holiday season coming soon.

chasegamez5418d ago

yea how many time can u sell the 360 2 the same people
soon 360 owner are going 2 wake up

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The story is too old to be commented.