10 Fast Facts from Nintendo – First Half 2007

Nintendo sent last night a fact sheet with some stats related to Wii and DS sales for the first half of 2007. During Nintendo's E3 media briefing, Reggie Fils-Aime anticipated that the Wii will become the #1 selling console soon. By looking at the numbers below, it looks like that his forecast will be a reality sooner than later:

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PS360WII5418d ago

You got to admit those are impressive. I mean even if you hate all things Nintendo those numbers are pretty good regardless.

ItsDubC5418d ago

Nintendo sent the fact sheet to

PS360WII5418d ago

heh I was wondering that too... ah well least they are reporting it eh?

ItsDubC5418d ago

lol true. I got a laugh out of it regardless.