Wii Surprise Coming in September

Loot Ninja reports that Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime is proclaiming a big surprise for all Wii owners in the next coming months. Nintendo recognizes the useless nature of the WiiConnect24 and promises to bring something to the table by September. So let the speculation begin, many people think this will be Mii related, Loot Ninja for one doesn't care for any gimmics just give them some games! Keep your Wii on and hope for the best, Loot Ninja will keep you posted.

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taz80804102d ago

Online gaming would be great, but that shouldnt be a surprise, that is a must at this point. Th Wii is quickly falling behind all the other consoles from an online perspective.

SuperSaiyan44102d ago

The Wii did get a lot more virtual games than Microsoft but other than that the Wii is lacking games.

Lets see what Nintendo can announce as soo far imo no company that has claimed a major announcement was major at all.

VirusE4102d ago

720p support would be nice:)

ItsDubC4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

I think it'll be the Check Mii Out Channel.

taz80804102d ago

Yeah a lot of people think it is the Check Mii Out thing, if this is the big surprise this might be hte biggest bust since Peter Moore announced the Halo inspired Xbox 360, ZING!

ChickeyCantor4102d ago

But wasnt the mii thing already anounced @ e3?
So whats so suprising about that?

SuperSaiyan44102d ago

The Wii is not a HD capable machine and the games are not created in HD either, looking at the poly count and the visuals on the Wii games even when I had one and put the games on 480p they looked dreadful and looked much better on the official Scart by Nintendo.

Unless Nintendo turn around and say the Wii is infact HD capable and they will be upgrading it via firmware and all future games will be in HD along with better visuals and even better gameplay then yeah thats a huge amazing announcement but one that seems unlikely.

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The story is too old to be commented.