All Pro Football 2k8 Demo Available for Xbox 360

In case you're on the fence about picking up All Pro Football 2K8 because it doesn't have an NFL license, you now have a demo to play around with and see if you want to drop your cold hard cash on this game.

The demo is out on the Xbox Live Marketplace and weighs in at 681.90 MB, so prepare to wait a bit once you start your download.

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sabbath4205421d ago

I am eager to get home and try this bad boy out. I have waited a long time for a 2k football game and here we go. The game play looks to blow maddens jerky ass out of the water.

taz80805421d ago

It is defnitely a fun game, using the old timers is interesting, having the Frdige, OJ, WAlter Payton, Joe Montana, etc. on your team is pretty cool. Kinda feels like your playing an old tecmo bowl game with all those people in it.

USMChardcharger5421d ago

got to love old tecmo bowl. i gave football a lot more attention when i was a kid. being a dad now and with other is hard to keep up with all the new players and things going on.

so with this game i will have better knowledge of the players. this was a great idea and really the only competitive move 2k could make.

-does anyone know if BO Jackson is in there? i bet Bo Knows(sorry i had to throw that in)

-also i am bummed to hear that there is not a franchise mode...there is a season mode right?

taz80805421d ago

There is a season mode with your created team but there is no BO. BUt here is OJ.... and a team callled the Assassins, go figure. =)

sabbath4205419d ago

I played this demo last night with my kid and it was a blast. The player animations on the field are awsome. The tackleing animations, the shoes dragging to stay inbounds during a catch, All the different tackling animations are great. the tackling system seems to use the old way of tackleing and breaking tackles by the 2k crew. when you are being tackled you press the a button to try and break it or the d will mash the a button to make the tackle. the faster finger wins. good stuff. compared to madden and ncaa this game rules. oh and there are also refs, and nets behind the goal posts, unlike madden.

taz80805419d ago

Yeah definitely a fun game, demo is most grabbing up and so is the game. Too bad they didnt really stick it to Madden and release it for cheaper than $60, that was the ebst on the Xbox - 2k football for $20. Couldnt beat that with a stick.

sabbath4205418d ago

A $30 price tag would have been the iceing on the cake. Still I will buy this game today and love it.

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