Call of Duty 4: Storage Not Required

After Robert Bowling, Community Relations Manager at Infinity Ward, posted a bunch of concept box arts for Call of Duty 4 for the community to vote on, it was noticed that the covers had "Storage Required" labels on them and thus reports went out that COD4 would require a memory card or hard drive. asked Robert about the matter, and he had this to say:

The Storage Required icon should be disregarded. It was simply included as part of the concept artwork by the artist, to give a better representation of what the final box art would look like with icons and logos on it. The game can still be played by users with and without Storage devices (HDD / Memory Card). Obviously you can not save if you are without storage, but that goes for every Xbox 360 title.

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SuperSaiyan44200d ago

Since the visuals are soo impress I am interested in load times, would be good if the guy could say whether having the hard drive on the 360 means caching to reduce load times.

Daewoodrow4200d ago

I kind of guessed as much, seeing as the icon had a memory card AND hard drive picture. You need at least a memory card to save games, and I can't really see a reason for needing 32mb of storage other than saving games.

ichimaru4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

well at least the worry is over

Bloodmask4200d ago

bc there was a 500 degree flame war going on over this. And it all turns out to be nothing.

Go figure.

BrainDrain4200d ago

Yeah, people are so quick to over-react. I saw that and thought it was just there like they mentioned, to see how it would look with logos, stickers, etc. on it.

PS360PCROCKS4200d ago

of course like flies on sh!t they flock to bad news about any system

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