New in-game video shows Need for Speed: ProStreet

Game1 recently got their hands on the new Need for Speed: ProStreet. You can check out the video by clicking the link below. The video shows numerous in-game scenes.

HandsomeDante6202d ago

Eventhough its kinda short, but i did like the graphics and those smoke effects from the tires spinning out were crazy. This game sorta reminds me of crusin' usa, you just drive through checkpoints till you reach the end, i'll probably buy this when it drops.

novaIS3506202d ago

Surprisingly, this game is shaping up to be one of the best looking arcadey racers. It looks truly "next-gen", I had swore an oath to boycott all EA products...but after seeing this video I will have to give them another 60 hard earned dollars.

XENOCIDE6202d ago

Loved the burnout effects in the beginning as stated above. I may be picking this one up, not 'til next year tho. 4th quarter '07 is too tight for me to fit in another game.

kewlkat0076202d ago

I have seen from "Army of two" "Fifa, the latest Madden 08, and now this, EA seems to be stepping up their game.

I have not played a NFS game since Underground and before that hot pursuit, I'll keep an eye out for this one.

GoLeafsGo6202d ago

The track reminds me of one from NFS:HP2. Maybe they've got that team working together again. Those guys rocked..and I doubt it was them that made UG, UG2, MW, and Carbon. If it WAS them, they had clearly lost their touch. Nice to see EA working to earn my money.

Still, I really hope they clear up the uber-shiny road by the time the game goes gold =\


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