Koei Questions UE3 Engine, Epic Responds

Koei's Jarik Sikat blames Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) for the difficulty with Fatal Inertia on PS3, and he suggests that many other high-profile UE3-based games (pointing to Silicon Knights' Too Human in particular) have been delayed for the same reason.

In response, Mark Rein (VP of Epic Games) defends UE3 and cites Rainbow Six Vegas as an example that UE3 is not the problem: "The bottom line is that making great games is hard work, ... There is no magic cure-all that completely hides the complexity of making world-class high-performance games on complex computing systems..."

"Our engine is not a launch-title technology. If you want to make launch titles you take your previous-gen engine and upgrade. If you want to make stunning true next-gen games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3 (which people who license our engine generally often aspire to) you have to accept that it takes time to learn the intricacies of the systems."

Midway's Steven Allison agrees with Epic and says that Midway has not experienced any exceptional difficulty with making Stranglehold, a UE3-based game.

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OC_MurphysLaw5302d ago

I am starting to believe that Epic is a tad guilty of under supporting their selling of the Unreal 3 engine to other companies. I mean how many games use that engine and honestly none have yet to really come close to a Gears of War level of quality. It's just odd that it would be so drastically different for so many.

As for Rein.... In response, Mark Rein (VP of Epic Games) defends UE3 and cites Rainbow Six Vegas as an example that UE3 is not the problem. Well I would counter that with companies like Ubisoft are large development studio's who have a ton of assets to throw at a game like R6 so they could more easily deal with a broken engine than say a Koei or a Silicon Knights. Those smaller publishers are much more reliant on the engine being perfectly suited for them than needing to be modified to work right, etc.

Anyway...the legal implications against Epic seem to be growing.

Kaneda5301d ago

Unreal Engine had problem with PS3... it has unique architect. RB 6 for PS3 was delay for like 7 months... I think Sony is helping Epic on PS3 development.. According to the past news...

Bloodmask5302d ago

and others aren't. I have to wonder if different versions of the Engine were released to different publishers.

Silicon Knights said that the UE3 they received was incomplete. I'm betting on this as the cause of all the problems.

There really is a difference in the quality of Epics use of the UE3 as compared to other publishers. Kinda makes you wonder if their version of the Engine is more refined.

nobizlikesnowbiz5302d ago

Since they made it, wouldn't they be better at working with it?

I mean like they'd be better at the coding and stuff, to make the game look that much better?

I'm not a dev, but that makes sense to me.

PS3Rebel5302d ago

""Many other games using the Unreal Engine 3 have been delayed including Stranglehold, BioShock, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Rainbow Six: Vegas for the Playstation 3, Turok, Frame City Killer, and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway""

is the statement correct?? lost odyssey and mass effect for ps3???

lol that would be hilarious

the_round_peg5302d ago (Edited 5302d ago )

He meant only the PS3 version of Rainbow Six: Vegas had been delayed, but not the 360 version.

The correct way to read the statement is: "Stranglehold", "BioShock", "Lost Odyssey", "Mass Effect", "Rainbow Six: Vegas for the Playstation 3" (i.e., but not for Xbox 360), "Turok", "Frame City Killer", and "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway" had been delayed. Do not misread them and think Lost Odyssey or Mass Effect are coming to PS3, because they are not and will not.

Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect are NOT coming to PS3, given that Microsoft is the publisher.

Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect are NOT coming to PS3, given that Microsoft is the publisher. Publishers reserve the right to deny a title being ported to any particular console. That's how most publisher contracts work anyway.

sajj3165302d ago

since Silicon Knights have had Too Human in development, I wouldn't be surprised if they got an early build of the engine. I believe they are using their own engine now (correct me if I'm wrong). Delay means more money. Being a smaller developer, it will hit their pockets hard, especially if they had to rebuild the game from scratch using another engine.

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