Will Wii's Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Be A Cheesy Remake Or Legimate Innovator?

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is slated to come out on Nintendo Wii by years' end. The history of the franchise is analyzed as well as what is known about the new Wii title.

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Marona5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

I think Capcom's just milking it all till it can't get milk from the consumers.

midgard2295421d ago

from tons of virtual console ports, and ps2 ports, this system is just full of them, and yeah doubt it will be much good, but since wii aint gettin RE5 this will be good enough lol

ChickeyCantor5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

aint a port, get your facts straight.

this just proves you know little about the Wii.
Next time you wanna troll just keep it to yourself, you just made a fool out of yourself.

jigaman5421d ago

what a shallow, ignornant comment. This shows how little you know. If you were to actually look at the Wii library you'd see that there are plenty of new games. Not to mention the slew of games that haven't been released yet. And the main reason we saw some ports (MK:A, CoD3, PoP:RS, etc) was because devs were learning the mechanics of the Wii-mote. No easy task when you've been accustomed to controllers for the last two decades (as far as home consoles go).

That aside I believe this game will be great. I mean come on how often does Capcom dissapoint? I own RE1 for GC and it was awesome, not to mention RE0, & RE4...also great games. And I'm a big SF fan. I got a Dreamcast just to play Marvel VS Capcom 2. Capcom will have this game, more then ready, come release.

MACHone5421d ago

I've been wondering this, too. I'm a big Resident Evil fan, but I've played some pretty shallow rail-shooters before (Time Crisis 3 was the perfect example of how an arcade shooter should be ported to a console). And don't even get me started on Resident Evil: Survivor.... Umbrella Chronicles looks pretty enough, though, and it does sound pretty fun to tackle cooperatively. I'm probably gonna have to wait for some reviews before I drop another $50 on this one.