E3: What Announcement Would Make You Say "Holy Sh!t"

Guerrilla Play Writes: As gamers we all have our preferred console and favorite games we love. All of us are very aware that E3 starts on sunday with the Project Natal unveil. However, for the Sony and Nintendo guys Tuesday cant arrive fast enough.

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xxLuckyStrike3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Xbox 360 first party titles in the works

Jamegohanssj53760d ago

ROFLMFAO! Bubbles Greeneagle.

If they announced a GTA collections for PS3 I'll sh*t bricks.


gaffyh3760d ago

I don't really feel like anything will shock me anymore. MS spoiled surprises when they announced ff13 for 360, so much so that I didn't even bat an eyelid when MGS was announced for 360 (except for shooting down the idiotic rumors that it would be 360-exclusive, that's literally like making Mass Effect a PS3 exclusive after it's been successful on 360 for so long).

blumatt3760d ago

lol Good one, man. No, but I'd say "holy shit!" if they made Versus 13 multiplatform or *shudder* exclusive to the 360.

knight6263760d ago

M$ buying all games timed exclusively to try and beat sony

oohWii3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Microsoft announcing a handheld that can play all XBL Arcade games and can download and play XBL games though a mobile gamertag directly linked to your main gamertag. So that all games that you own can be downloaded to the mobile device a played since you already own them.

It would also be nice if this device had 64-128G of built in storage for music, movies, photos, and other DLC.

Oh, also the device would be wifi, and stereo blu-tooth compatible.

Sh!t, let's make it a phone also while we're at it. and price it at about $200.00

I mean we are pipe dreaming right?

blumatt3760d ago

I'd say they'd price it about $350-400 if it did all that. This is Microsoft you're referring to. Also, I don't think there's a market for a third handheld. Sony and Nintendo are already well-grounded, so there's a fanbase. Microsoft's handheld would have to be very compelling for people to jump ship. I'd say they'd be better off making their next Zune able to do a few of those things and call it a day.

oohWii3760d ago

I can show you 30M existing 360 owners that would beg to differ. Expecially if you can take you 360 arcade games on the road while maintaining a connection to XBL.

whitesoxfalife3760d ago

um that phone will be here in NOV i dont know if it will play the arcades but something similar to what you are talkn bout OOHWII they showed it at the CES convention

catguykyou3760d ago

I would love to see some first party love from ms. I would love even more for ps4, wii HD, and new xbox to be announced. It's about that time anyways.

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Silber3760d ago

? This is not a news by any chance

asdf123760d ago

A HD remake of MGS2 and 3.

DrDreadlox3760d ago

Another LOK would be very welcome though I highly doubt it will be soul reaver seeing as Raziel... you know.

Marcus Fenix3760d ago

maybe a prequel then, even a remake of the 1st and/or 2nd would be appreciated

Quagmire3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Microsoft Merging with Activision

oohWii3760d ago

Microsoft merging with EA and Actvision to create a new company called

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