Pre-E3 Interview of The Grinder

gamrFeed writes: "Once upon a time, The Grinder was a first-person shooter. Then High Voltage turned it into a top-down shooter. We still don't know what the Wii version looks like. Is it a platformer now? Probably not, but we will let you know in a couple of days. We will be meeting with High Voltage software at E3 to give you guys an update on the game, but for now we have a Pre-E3 interview with Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software. Enjoy!"

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ssj123053d ago

Looks pretty good actually.

Braineater24483053d ago

I just want to see the Wii version now.

Duke_Silver3053d ago

I hope the Wii version looks good, not too pumped for their gladiator game