DiRT PS3 Box Cleaned Off

DiRT is hitting the PS3 soon, and has the box shot to prove it.

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SuperSaiyan45414d ago

I just found out Virgin have been selling the 360 version for £20, am sure the PS3 version when it finally comes out is going to be RRP £49.99. The PS3 version does look a bit nicer though but its a shame why such a huge gap for the game to come out.

A game like this is much more appreciated with rumble in my opinion good thing it supports it until Sony release a PS3 rumble pad, I guess you could use the PS2 pad with this game then via the converter.

Crazyglues5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

It's too bad they couldn't make a better cover then that for the PS3 version... That one just seems a little weak.

Something like this would have looked better to me anyway.

But I guess it all depends on what you like.

LSDARBY5414d ago

Its only £31 on shopto so i'll probably get it from there. I do think theyve left it long to release tho.

SuperSaiyan45414d ago

When I looked at that I went...WOW!!!

Looks a lot better than the 360 cover actually.

That outter part with the black and blue for the blu-ray logo should be on all games, it makes it look more expensive if you get what I mean rather than them clear covers.

Hey LSDarby thats a pretty darn good price for the PS3 version.

I think this racing game looks better than Motorstorm actually should be a pretty good title on the PS3.

Crazyglues5414d ago

I agree SuperSaiyan4 they should make the covers like that instead of the cheap plastic, and I think it will be a good title for PS3 especially since they worked with Sony developers to tweak it out for the PS3.

level 3605413d ago

I agree it's a pity the sixaxis pad has'nt got rumble which is badly needed on this game.
Especially with all the banging and crashing on the different terrains and opponents, it must feel kind of empty not feeling ( that ) part of the game.