Bodycount E3 2010 Debut Gameplay Trailer

Codemasters unveils the first-ever footage of their new FPS heading to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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KilL7roCitY3078d ago

disapointed with this trailer, the game looks really bad. i know it's a pre alpha build, but compared to crysis, homefront and killzone 3 the graphics are bad.

Conloles3078d ago

Its Codemasters theyve proven they can only make good racing games lately I've lost all faith after that huge disappointment in OFDR

Montrealien3078d ago

I never lose faith in a game based on the dev, there is always hope for a good game to come out as long as there are new games coming out.

With that said, they should not had shown it like it is, way to early imho.

deafwing3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

... after you bashed Killzone 2 ... you release this pre-pre-pre-Alpha video ... but then again since it's pre-pre-pre it has room to grow so I won't pass judgement on your title just yet (even though I'm tempted to say it looks like di poo-poo :D) and Black has special place in my heart (so who knows).

Reference ->

Oh yea, it's bad to show pre-pre-pre stuff at e3 (Killzone 2 taught us that).

Cevapi883078d ago

if there wasn't a fall out between EA and Criterion....we would be seeing Black 2 instead of this game

deafwing3078d ago

... but he couldn't make that game even if he wanted to (some of the guys that were with him are gone) ... that game had such a cliff hanger ending ... and the last set of stages got really good .. making you want more. Ah well ... maybe when I grow up .. I can pitch it to EA and direct a remake.

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TheAwesomessMan3078d ago

lol well not everyone can beat killzone 3 or Crysis graphics.

dirthurts3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

But the gameplay that seemed weak.
And the graphics sucked too...

Etseix3078d ago

lol [email protected]
but yea ur right..
its not all about the graphics... but they sucked anyways, the gameplay really seemed weak comared to well.. Black, but its only a pre-pre-pre-pre-Alpha build (i hope is that pre-) Black was awsome, need to know more about this game before saying it sucks!

TruthSeeker3078d ago

um I agree with your statement but we've barely seen any in-game Homefront footage so I'm not sure if it deserved to be in that sentence with crysis and killzone*

Timesplitter143077d ago

It looks like they tried to make the most generic FPS ever

DeadlyFire3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Graphics certainly not perfect, and not the best promotional video. If you think it can't look good though I suggest you take a second look at Operation Flashpoint 2. This game and OF2 are on same engine. It can rank right next to Crysis. I still expect this game to be nothing less than spiritual successor to BLACK series. There are a few points in the video that suggest it just might be something like that. I think a better gameplay video would of been more action and gun sounds. E3 is next week though and this is Pre-E3 video as labeled. I just wonder what or if there is a new video for E3 itself.

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harbie3078d ago

Curious if the game will have the similar impact and epic gameplay.

beavis4play3078d ago

very true and very funny.

deafwing3078d ago

... I was the only one thinking that ... {bubbles u bastard} LOL

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )


Don't know...

My expression is this:

AcesHigh2913078d ago

It kinda looks floaty from the trailer...

deafwing3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

that's straight from Black

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