E3 2010's Top 10 Rumors

PCMag: The game industry has been surprisingly loose-lipped ahead of this year's E3 gaming expo. We've already seen previews of a number of the high-profile titles that will make their debut during the show next week at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A. That list includes sequels to beloved franchises such like "Rock Band," "Metal Gear," and even that perennial favorite, "Mortal Kombat".

Pre-show previews are all well and good, but let's be honest: it's not a real tech show without some pre-game wild speculation. Here's a list of some of the bigger rumors that have been making face time all over the blogosphere ahead of the annual gaming show. Some, like the 3DS, are based on actual announcements—others, like the Wii HD, are the sort of rumor we see the same time.

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Nike3053d ago

Thank god E3 is right around the corner. Then we won't have these articles (for another year, at least).

jmare3053d ago

They'll just be more like "Top Ten games of E3", "Top Ten disappointments of E3", "Top ten reasons why Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony kicked everyone's asses/fucked up at E3".

Nike3053d ago

Ah yeah. Forgot about those. Nah, those run for about 3-4 months tops till the next trade show, and then the cycle begins anew. Gotta love games journalism. /s

DoomeDx3053d ago

Top 10 E3 rumors has been on N4G for like 10000 times..
Just like:
top 10 most anticipated games.
top 10 most hyped games

etc etc..

its not even intresting anymore

mrv3213053d ago

E3 top ten E3 top tens?

DoomeDx3053d ago

Soon or later, we will get an article named:

E3 top 10 lightbulbs

crapgamer3053d ago

No more lists! However I liked two of the things on here, a slim Xbox 360 which at this point seems like a given, though if it's true props to Microsoft for keeping it secret all this time and getting the buzz going for it as well as hype. Also Star Wars Battlefront 3. Been wanting that for 5 years now.