New X-COM looks… not that bad actually

I have to admit that I am a huge X-COM fan. Back in the day, my friend and I spent hours and hours researching gear and shooting the brains out of little green men (all tactically and turn based, of course) and bring them back to base for that good old alien autopsy that we’ve all learned to love. Trying to put aside my prejudice towards the new shooter approach, I watched the new E3 trailer of 2K Marin’s upcoming reboot of the series, which actually looked a bit interesting.

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The Tingler3104d ago

I missed out on the X-Com series as I'm not a fan of turn-based strategies or isometric viewpoints, so from my perspective it's looking really promising. Still don't know if it should've been called XCOM, but as a game I personally am really excited for it.