Wanna Help Gamers Beat Schwarzenegger in the Supreme Court? Here's How...

Do you value your freedom of speech? Sign the petition and make your voice be heard.

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PirateThom3054d ago

I'm torn, I sure do love video games.... but going against Arnie?

You'll be sitting at home, playing games and then....

Sadie21003054d ago

That's a good point. But like scofios kinda hints at below...he's not so scary anymore.

scofios3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I used to be a big fan of Schwarzenegger when he was a big movie star .
But when he became a politician i found him to be a big hypocriet and arogant .
I have a lot more respect for stallone still the same guy no politics just movie's.

bbretterson3054d ago

Signed! I can't believe this would hold up in the Supreme Court, but we should make sure it doesn't.