"One More Thing": Bitmob Predicts E3 2010 Surprises

What will be the biggest surprise at E3 this year? The Bitmob staff weighs in with their predictions.

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Das_Bastardion3104d ago

And when this happens I predict... Cerebral Thrombosis for all the xbots :) have a nice day

Conloles3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Ha looks like youll be waiting a long time then buddy I thought it was last year Mass Effect was gonna be announced on PS3 oh but of course that never happened.....

BiggCMan3103d ago

and niether did mgs4 on the 360.

Anon73493103d ago

Everybody knows if bioware did release mass effect on the PS3 it would be equally as bad or possibly even worse than the 360 version.

The only way to play bioware and valve games properly are on the PC.

Asking for Mass Effect on consoles it the equivalent of asking Socom 4 to be released on the Wii.

Timelord21123104d ago

We could only be so lucky...except it would be on the Wii which means only children and grandmas would get to play it anyway...

crapgamer3103d ago

So many people like Viva Pinata! They are amazing games and so vibrant and colorful. I played the other ones to great lengths and they are so much fun, cant live on FPS and TPS alone ya know what I mean?
As for the Mass Effect thing, Why would they all of a sudden throw Sony people Mass Effect 3? They would lose out on the whole point of the series. Each game let's you make choices, life and death choices with characters etc... Then you import those "Mass Effects" into the next game and continue on. So to jump in on the 3rd game makes no sense at all.
Slim 360, Natal bundle for $250, Viva Pinata, Killer Instinct 3, Dead or Alive, Portable Xbox anyone? Imagine Halo or Gears on it? with the XBL enabled and Gamerscore that can be recorded on the 360 as well. Awesome.

Sadie21003103d ago

I wish we could get a new, working, slim!

JD_Shadow3103d ago

From what we saw on a PSM3 magazine cover a few months ago, I have the feeling Valve's Portal 2 surprise is going to be THE surprise at E3, which is that they will FINALLY be supporting the PS3, starting with Portal 2.

Seriously, I bet the cataclysm will be thought of to be starting if the last thing we see out of Sony's conference is Gabe Newell gracing the Sony stage (hell, have Kevin Butler introduce him and have KB be the "VP of Wastes of Time" to play on the infamous comments Gabe made). I'd have him come out, say "yeah, the PS3 IS a waste of everyone's time, but I can safely say that it's time well wasted" or something like that. Reveal the Portal 2 port as being in house.

Then, when people think that is it and Trenton is about to end the show, Gabe will be the "shoulder tapper", say "I got one more thing", and we see the world premiere of Half Life Episode 3, and would it end the world if it ended up being a PS3 exclusive (yes, that going SO far onto a limb there, but we're talking about what would be an announcement people would talk about for a LONG time)?

I have the feeling, though, that Portal 2 definitely will be announced as having a PS3 version. That other stuff is just something I predicted to see how people would react (I know I'll receive SOME very interesting responses).