Valve, My Faith In You Is Absoutely Lost

Paul Searle writes: "Once upon a time, Valve were my favourite computer game developer. Unfortunately, they are no longer so, thanks to their disappointingly long development cycles and monopolisation of the digital distribution market. Steam, arguably the biggest and best of all digital distribution networks, isn’t entirely free from DRM; SecuROM and SoftWrap are still prevalent on the online store, and SteamWorks forces players to be logged into Steam to play a game they own, even if bought from retail. Team Fortress 2 is still under development, and Half-Life 2: Episode Three is nowhere to be seen, right when Valve needs it to restore the public’s faith in their company."

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Pandamobile3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

This article is pretty pointless. Valve have always been notoriously bad about release dates.


Yeah, Steam has changed a lot in the last 5 years.

Cajun Chicken3141d ago

Once online, you can turn on offline mode if I remember rightly. I've also installed Steam and the games on external harddrive and they boot up and work fine in offline mode.

It was annoying at the beginning with the launch of HL2 because there was no offline mode at all.

Mista T3141d ago

thus the creation of Valve Time :P

Elven63141d ago

And the fact that people seem to throw around the word Monopoly like they know what it means!

There are plenty of digital distribution venues that aren't owned by Valve! They don't have exclusive right to the digital market either. Impulse, Games for Windows Live Marketplace, Direct2Drive, GameSpy Comrade, etc are some examples.

pangitkqb3141d ago

Steam isn't close to a monopoly. Furthermore, this writer needs the wambulance big time!

I love steam, i've loved the L4D series, Portal, and look forward to their future products. This guy can cry boo hoo all the way home.

jaredhart3141d ago

but when they deliver...they deliver.

Moonboots3141d ago

Agreed. Since when have Valve ever delivered quickly?? Maybe you could say Left 4 Dead 2 but look at the time between EP1 and EP2 of Half-Life.. That seemed forever!

WildArmed3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

lol the funny thing is:
When Valve takes their time, people cry (like this article).

When Valve delivers quickly, l4d2, we get protests and boycotts -.-

I honestly don't think the fans are crying, it's everyone else who had no intention of buying the game in the first place.

danielle0073141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I haven't lost faith. I'm really excited for Portal 2, and the original Portal wasn't just a mini-game. It was an amazing showing of innovation with physics, and Valve's humor and wit. It's legit one of my favorite games ever, even though it was like 5 hours long. I mean, I fell in love with the companion cube.. and the cute little turrets.. I'm actually sitting in a Portal shirt right now.. Don't diss Portal, pal.

But, anyways, i guess if you're looking for only episode 3, I would understand losing faith.. but the Orange Box was so awesome, and I love the Left 4 Deads so much, and I am so super excited for Portal 2.... Valve still has my faith, but I do understand your pain. I guess I'm just trying to stay optimistic. They'll release it sometime, and in the meantime I'll just keep playing L4D and Portal.... and hopefully Portal 2 gets released next year. ... It could happen. Either way, the wait will be worth what they give us. Valve's quality is really indisputable.

pimpmaster3141d ago

you know portal just got delayed right...

danielle0073141d ago

I said hopefully Portal 2 gets released next year, if i didn't know it had already been delayed, I would have been like WOOOOOO IT'S OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS 2010! ... but no. I heard. No worries, pal. :)

redking3153141d ago

I think "VALVe time" is a pile of crap. They have started to use it as an excuse. I agree, my faith has been hurt in them to some extent. While the games they have released since 2007 have been good, I really want them to release something that reminds me of the old days of VALVe.

duplissi3141d ago

thats a stupid reason......

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