G4's Not-So-Official E3 List of Rumored Games, Hardware and Other Stuff

It feels like we've been talking about and planning E3 2010 forever, but the big show is nearly here. The festivities kick off on Sunday night at Microsoft's Project Natal press conference, but before, let's indulge in a time-honored E3 tradition: rumored announcements.

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TheCapto3141d ago

Good list, I can't wait!!!!

Fred-G-Sanford3141d ago

Yeah, I can't wait either.

Next to Christmas, E3 is my favorite time of the year!

SnuggleBandit3141d ago

its amazing how uninformed some of these journalists are! Killzone 3 is not coming this fall!

DA_SHREDDER3141d ago

Ya, just bought Silent Hill 2 for the ps2, it was one of my favorites since back in the day. The camera is perfect, the melee fighting not so much. But with some tweaking it would be a perfect PS2 HD remix. Move support, 3-d, now that sounds even more sick.

KILLERAPP3141d ago

Good list can't wait...

Ares84PS33141d ago

...whish list I think. If all of this are true than this will be the best E3 that ever was.

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