IGN: Is 3D Gaming In Killzone 3 A Good Idea?

In today's Scoop, Daemon and Greg experience the joys and horrors of Killzone 3 in 3D. Be careful what you wish for, gamers. You never know what you may get.

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mantisimo3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Nice little bit of fun to punctuate the massive flame wars that are about to begin in earnest. Oh well, popcorn or nachos anyone. Or as it's going to get really hot in here early next week, marshmallows on a stick?

Cevapi883053d ago

for the love of kevin butler RUN!

Sunny_D3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

The easiest way to end this question. If you have a 3d tv, then enjoy the 3D goodness. If you don't have a 3d tv, then still enjoy the normal picture in HD. Simple as that.


Hideo_Kojima3053d ago

lmfao... i liked how they were actually playing the Killzone 2 demo level.

BulletToothtony3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

i'm sure 3d is NOT a "good idea"

but i'm sure if MS would be the one bringing this up.. all these articles would be praising them day and night..

i rather play my games in reg lcds with regular controllers..

but if they nail these games right.. i wouldn't mind giving it a try.. still a headset on my head is enough.. we're gonna have to wait and see if the devs nail it right..

still i'm sure we'll get plenty of articles of how "Sony dropped the ball yet again" just like back in the day when they implemented bluray..

first they don't innovate and then innovation it's lame.. geesh who understands this hating journalism

**on topic***

cheesy video

pixelsword3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I'm not saying that this clip was lame; but if it was a person, it would be on a street corner begging for spare change and talking about how it lost it's legs in the last Helgan war.

I can't believe they pulled out some Scooby-Doo gags.

NecrumSlavery3053d ago

Is NATAL in Left4Dead 3 or Portal 2 a bad thing?

How would Gabe demo his own product?

Focker4203053d ago

It wouldn't work cause Natal would think Gabe was 2 people.

hazeblaze3053d ago

That skit was hilarious! On a more serious note, 3D is an extra perk for those of us fortunate enough to enjoy it. If you don't own a 3D tv, nothing is stopping you from enjoying it in 2D... So I don't really see what the big deal is???

tplarkin73053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Killzone 1 was suppossed to be a Halo Killer.
Killzone 2 was to demo the graphics power of PS3.
Killzone 3 is supposed to be the definition of 3D gaming.

Guerrilla Games can't catch a break, it seems. The pressure is always on to do something that distracts them.

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Fiona3053d ago

even if its not a good idea. It is optional. does not bother me a bit. As of today im not to interested in 3D gaming. But hey that might change, ones never know.

B-Real2063053d ago

I totally agree! Why wouldn't it be a good idea it's something you can turn on and off. I'll probably get a new tv next year maybe about the time this comes out. If you don't have a 3D Tv so what you can still enjoy the power of Killzone! Happy Gaming

yoghurt3053d ago

Optional so it doesn't matter atall.

I don't have a 3D capable TV, but I will, and then it will be interesting to try out

HolyOrangeCows3053d ago

Exactly. I didn't always have HD, either, but the day came that I did and I was happy to use it.

spunnups3053d ago

I really want to witness amazing games like KZ2, LBP2, and GT5 in 3D, the only problem is I gotta buy a new TV. In due time my friends...

rob60213053d ago

Yea I won't have a new 3d TV myself any time soon, but once I do get one in due time - I can't see how it wouldn't be awesome, unless the graphics were significantly paired down to achieve it.

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