Sony on PlayStation Move: As good As Dualshock 3

Ever since the PlayStation Move was first revealed back at last year’s E3, it’s been touted as the most precise motion controller on the market with its 1:1 motion tracking. Such accuracy is possible thanks to the glowing sphere at the top of the PlayStation Move controller when used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye.

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decimalator3141d ago

Wait... what? If developers can't figure out how to make use of the Move, then we will be happy to just throw away our PS Move controllers and go back to the Dualshock 3? Is that what he's saying?

dangert123141d ago

its better
you imaigine an mlg tournement
one team using controllers the over using move controllers

yep sounds fair to me not

mantisimo3141d ago

Your command of the English language is extraordinarily refreshing.

dangert123141d ago

really you think so ¬_¬
not every one paid stayed in school guessing you did though as you look for perfection in comments,
i'ver way i don't care you understood what i ment to say and that is all that matters :)

mantisimo3141d ago

What did you just say?

look here's a small group of assorted punctuation marks, please feel free to liberally pepper any future postings you make with the aforementioned marks. x

!!!!!!"""" ;"''''' ;',,,,,,,,(this previous one's important)........??????::::;; ;;;;;;

There you are, enjoy little fellow.

AAACE53141d ago

I think you meant paid/stayed!

It doesn't matter if you stayed or paid, it matters if you paid attention and/or learned anything! The more you demonstrate improper english, the less respect you command. People can tolerate a slip here and there, but your english skills seem to be worse than a 5th grader!

I have 11 year old sons who make more sense than you!

coolcole933141d ago

That was unnecessary and cruel...I loved it.

Have a bubble on me.

mantisimo3141d ago

Right back at you. + bubble. ;)

DeltaZ3R053141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

paid/stayed ? I'm guessing this is in Europe ugh! i don't know, i went to public school, its sh!t, but hey you don't pay, and the learning it's decent, i can't stand the idiot's.

bubbles 4 everyone !

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sikbeta3141d ago

Thank God it's as Good as the DS3 or Better, I don't like waggling like an idiot at all, Thanks to Sony for Supporting this thing with Real Games and Not Shovelware crap, Ape Escape + Move = Day One for Me...

ChozenWoan3141d ago

I like waggling my controller like and idiot. ;)

xabmol3141d ago

If you don't like the move you don't have to use it. That's what he is saying.

raztad3141d ago

"we will be happy to just throw away our PS Move controllers and go back to the Dualshock 3? Is that what he's saying?"

No he is not saying that. He is saying: Socom 4 played with MOVE will be a precise, lag free experience, and you will be kicking DS3 user asses with ease.

namyrb3141d ago

I believe he's actually saying that if the developers cannot create a game that is more immersive in utilizing the Move, players will still be happy to use the DS3... so he's not really saying anything...

Aphe3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

There will be shovelware. And lots of it.

EDIT:There will though, it will be a shovelware paradise.

Wrathman3141d ago

i just imagined lionidis from 300 shouting 'there will BE SHOVELWARE!!!!

funny in my head.not so much typed out

Aphe3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )


xabmol3141d ago

Tonight, we dine at E3!!

lpfisher3141d ago

They've told developers that they didn't want it to be another Wii situation. Sony has no intention of letting it become shovel-ware central and I trust them with that.

Aphe3141d ago

Just like what happened with the ps2 then? I remember tons of shovelware being on there. But Sony says it won't happen. Yeah, it must be true.

ChozenWoan3141d ago

lets just check PSMove's known lineup and compare it to Natal's... yea, one of these has lots of potential for shovelware.

In the words of KB
"pew pew pew"

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Bigpappy3141d ago

If the Move is noy as good or better than DS3, what is the point of it. I said this about a month ago. Unlike Natal, the main buyers of Move will be existing PS3 owners. Natal will have massive support from the existing user base, but I believe it is aimed at and will attract a boat load of casual gamers of all ages. Move, I believe will sell well with the existing user base, but will not attract many new users because it will be seen by casuals as Wii for PS3. Having said that it has to add more emmersion than DS3 to remain viable.

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doctorstrange3141d ago

Can't wait for a really good Move game

koehler833141d ago

I gotta say I'm definitely interested in playing a game like SOCOM with a controller like that. The control will have to be very precise and smooth though. We'll see what people say when they get lots of hands on it next week.

keysy4203141d ago

if it wasnt as good as the dualshock 3 then get rid of it before it comes out

T3mpr1x3141d ago

Yeah it's a message to devs.

crapgamer3141d ago

It's hard to use? It's bulky and unresponsive? seriously it's articles like these that annoy me the most. Like Sony saying the PS3 is good! or Microsoft saying the 360 is good! Duh! sheesh...

Obama3141d ago

Unresponsive? I think you have mistaken MOVE with NATAL. NATAL is the one that shows major lag.

GarandShooter3141d ago

Or your parents saying birth control would've been good...

Bnet3433141d ago

I like prefer controller to be honest, but I am not close minded. I will give Move and Natal a shot but it's going to take a lot to get me off the controller. Just my opinion.

WildArmed3141d ago

I dont think Natal and Move can replace the controller either.
The versatility/accessibility of controllers like the DS3 cannot be reproduced.
For everyday gaming, I'm betting on 'real' controllers.
While once in awhile, casual gaming w/ family and friends is when move and natal will come out.

I can't image playing a multiplayer game for more than an hour by using my body as a controller (natal), or using my wrist to aim (Move: socom 4).

But they will be a refreshing experience

AKS3141d ago

I don't recall having any issues "using my wrist to aim" in Metroid Prime 3 or Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. What I do remember is getting tons more headshots in RE4 than I did with a standard controller trying to use an analog stick to aim. Are you one of those guys who claimed you could beat people in mouse/ kb enabled servers with a controller in Unreal Tournament III then disappeared from the game within the first minute?

WildArmed3141d ago

are you one of those gamers that claim Wii's controllers is actually as accurate like a kb/mouse?

Yeahh... thats what I thought.

It's not about just flicking your wrist, it's about posture too.
Oh, btw and i was a beast in UT3.
Played it on my ps3 w/ kb/mouse (feel free to check my trophy list as proof)

PSN: Skv007

Anyways, it's a joke to compare Wii-mote to keyboard and mouse.
Same goes for Move/natal to keyboard and mouse.
The comfort and accessibility of kb/mouse are in another calibur when compared to them.

It's never good to compare apples and oranges.

AKS3141d ago

No, I'm not saying that Move is AS ACCURATE as a kb/m, because it obviously won't be, but it should be MUCH more accurate than using analog sticks. Move looks like it's going to be the second most accurate device to aim in gaming after a mouse.

I used the Wiimote and those Wii games as examples because they are actually out right now and I have had loads of first hand experience playing them. However, Move looks to be significantly more accurate than the Wiimote.

I don't know how you could possibly dispute that devices like the Wiimote and Move offer significantly greater accuracy compared to analog sticks in shooters. This was obvious in the first few minutes of playing Resident Evil 4. My accuracy and number of headshots skyrocketed with the Wiimote. It's not as quick as a mouse, but it's substantially faster and more accurate than a stick.

Giant_Chibi3141d ago

If there's anything I like about the move, its the concave triggers. They look really comfy.

I wish sony would remodel the ds3 with those triggers. For now, I have cheap plastic attachments on my ds3 called real triggers. They're good, just really awkward looking.

WildArmed3141d ago

I've been actually thinking of picking up those 'real' triggers.
I heard they make the R2/L2 alot better for racing games and games like Ao2 and RDR which use R2/L2 to aim and shoot

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