Schematic Guts Of A PlayStation Move Controller

This is what’s inside a PlayStation Move controller, according to a schematic drawing from a patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment America. The accelerometer tracks motion. The gyroscope detects orientation. The magnetometer measures the direction and strength of nearby magnetic fields.

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Perkel3103d ago

so magnetometr, gyroscope, and accelerometr.. how cool is that ? :>

PSEye even won't be needed to use Move in 3D space. PS Move is more used to tracking full body gestures than Move.


MisterAV3103d ago

long ago I read that the PSEye is also used to recalibrate if needed, so you don't need to do like the motion plus adn stop playing. But i'm not sure about it...

Also why do you need a magnetometer?

Conloles3103d ago

So someone wanna tell me how this differs to Wii Motion Plus?

ShinMaster3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Wii doesn't track in a 3D space/no depth like Move. Only side to side and up and down.
Wii Motion "Plus" only improves the accuracy of a normal Wii controller.

crapgamer3103d ago

This is the outer casing and when we open it up a Wii Mote is inside! Surprise!

blumatt3103d ago

The Wii doesn't have all that inside. It may have the accelerometer, but that's probably it.

c64days3103d ago

When Sony does something it always looking for perfection!!!

You got So much tracking, No surprise it's so accurate and can track 3D movements.

Accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, PSEye...

I'm Very exited to have it, After disappointed from the Wii Plus shitmote.