Top Ten Exclusives to steal @ E3 2010

If there’s one overwhelmingly certifiable fact about E3 2010, it’s that this year will have so many quality exclusives across all platforms that every gamer will have something to envy on another platform. Most of us (80%) here at OXCGN are lucky enough to have both an Xbox 360 & PS3, along with the occasional Wii and the standard PC.

However, for many of our readers who only have the one console, namely the Xbox 360, we feel it’s our duty in the name of wishful thinking to rub our virtual lamp and see what wishes the OXCGN genie grants us

Blizzard will not be E3, that part is just wanton hope and optimism for some

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ingiomar3050d ago ShowReplies(7)
Infernostew3050d ago

What a joke! Half of the games listed are either Sony 1st party studios or published by sony.

Bellcross3050d ago

And thats a joke because?....

Infernostew3050d ago

Errr... its a joke cuz i skimmed through the list without realizing what the purpose of it was. lol. My mistake.

WildArmed3050d ago

lol don't worry.
90% of the people who will comment on this article will do the same.

it's sad, but true xD

JoySticksFTW3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

The Xbox guys are PS3 fans also and are saying that they wish those titles were on the 360

They've done it with MGS4, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, GoWIII, etc...

They know that the games are owned by Sony and can't be "stolen" for the 360

It's just a show of respect that this Xbox fansite is showing towards these games

nikkisixx23050d ago

Exclusives to steal? Most if not all PS3 exclusives have that "only" factor.. hmm probably why they used that for their commercials.

I have nothing against the 360, but 99.99% of PS3 exclusives are pretty much impossible to have or port to the 360.

deepmovievoice3050d ago

except metal gear, final fantasy, and grand theft auto. you know, those obscure games that equal .01%

Optical_Matrix3050d ago

Didn't know MGS4 was ported the 360. Nor did I know FFXIII was without cutting out a whole games worth of content to fit it on 3 DVD discs. But thanks for clearing it up for me

nikkisixx23050d ago

I never said anything about M$ using their cash to buy out anything and everything.

I'm talking about the quality and quantity of the PS3 exclusives.

n4gno3050d ago

not mgs 4 :)

and nobody told gta/final fantasy ps2 are impossible to port to the xbox, like uncharted, killzone, and others.

Silly gameAr3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

oxcgn does articles like this from time to time. They're not saying that the games will come to the 360, just that it would be cool if they were coming to the 360.

Anyway I think vs WILL hit the 360. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

eggbert3050d ago

if they excluded first party exclusives. Whats the point of putting games like Uncharted 3/Last Guardian on the list if there isn't even a chance they are going to go multiplatform.

I could see games like de blob etc coming to the 360 through Natal, but I assume most developers are going to wait and see how well Natal fairs before they start developing for it.

NYC_Gamer3050d ago

would love to have the mass effect franchise on ps3...

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