New PlayStation keyboard adaptor wants to screw up your Killzone balancing

"Every developer knows you shouldn’t put first-person shooter players who use keyboard and mouse up against first-person shooter players who use a control pad. It’s like feeding the Gremlins after midnight, or interring somebody’s unbaptised child up at the old Native American burial grounds."

(Green Man Gaming)

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PhoenixDevil3050d ago

I've never played a FPS with a keyboard n tbh i dnt understand the awesomeness of it this may b worth a punt to get

xc7x3050d ago

you never played a PC game before? well it gives an advantage playing with mouse / keyboard and this will do that on consoles as well.

-Alpha3050d ago

Forget KB&M, I'm worried about MOVE. If some people have MOVE they will dominate in games like SOCOM.

How kick-ass would it be if SOCOM came with MOVE or MOVE came with SOCOM? Hopefully they have separate rooms or something for MOVE players.

NegativeCreepWA3050d ago

lol, you actually think move users will better then people using controllers, that's very unlikely.

Dnied3050d ago

Move + bluetooth mic + socom 4 bundle


And yea, that's going to be tricky. It's going to be interesting how they handle it because the mechanics aren't even the same.. when using the move, the crosshair moves on the screen. Normally, the crosshair is always in the middle and stays there

I don't even know if the move in this case would be an advantage? I'd feel more confident using the traditional way but that may just be my lack of experience with the move.. I guess I have to wait and see just how accurate that thing is

divideby03050d ago

why do you think Move is gonna be better than a controller..?
every vid I have seen makes me think the exact opposite. those I seen playing with Move and Socom were very rigid and were looking afraid to move much.. in fact one vid the dude sat with his hands glued to his legs while using move...

time will tell......

UnwanteDreamz3050d ago

I think some people are forgetting how aweful they were with a control the first time they ever picked one up.

Szarky3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

"I think some people are forgetting how aweful they were with a control the first time they ever picked one up."

That's actually a good point. I had a break from gaming for a few years until I got the PS3 when it first came out with COD3. I remember sucking so badly at aiming, running, and looking. With time, I could see people getting extremely good with Move.

I hope they have seperate Move matches in Socom.

raztad3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Well said Unwanted

To tell the true it's quite promising to see a total noob with MOVE to perform well as they seem to do in those Socom 4 videos.

And replying to some guys above, Zipper rep say they where having problems balancing the game because MOVe players were owning DS3 users.

Darrius Cole3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Move is going to dominate in shooters where it appears, unless keyboard and mouse is in the room as well.

Move is like the old school stand-up arcade shooters where you have the fake gun in your hand and you point and shoot and then fire outside of the screen to reload.

The players using move will be using their whole hand and arm to aim, whereas the players using controllers will be using their thumbs. Since your hand is more responsive and precise than your thumb the move player will dominate.

Moreover, the Move players won't be slaves to their sensitivity. They can move the cross-hairs to the far corners of the screen and fire if necessary. They can even go from corner to corner to corner to corner without moving the camera at all. Players with controllers must move the camera each time. There is no way in hell they will be able to keep up with the speed of the move.


@ Unwanted Dreamz and Szarky

People suck when first using a controller because it is not natural for a person so use their thumb with the precision required to play a video game. Move uses the whole hand to point and fire. People get lots of practice with their whole.

We use our whole hand in most aspects of life. Things like eating, drinking, writing, grooming, bathing, using a remote control, etc. all use the whole hand. It will be easier to adjust to Move than to adjust to a controller. The hardest part about using Move in a shooter will be using the sub-controller in your off-hand to control the camera. It'll be hard because it...uses a thumbstick.

NegativeCreepWA3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

To all the disagrees, I would like to know why you think playing a shooter with move would be better? Assuming people just think I'm trying to downplay move I'm not. I actually cant wait to try it, I'm just not interested in using it for shooters.

Edit: Above I don't think people will bee able to turn as quick, the only time i see move having an advantage is when people are right in front of you and i still don't think they'll be quick enough unless there's huge hitboxes or massive auto-aim.

Only time will tell.

Giant_Chibi3050d ago

What I'd like to know is if Socom will have dead zone settings when using the Move.

I've seen how people played Socom with the move and I don't like the dead zone being so large that you have to aim at the edge of the screen to pan the camera.

Shendow3050d ago

For games that us weird controls, Move would only need you to move to do the action.

If you are fast at turning and shooting then you can have the upper hand, same with Keyboard and Mouse.

I played my friends on PC games Vs using a controller and they beat it all the time, but that is only if you are use to play PC type of games.

Same with Move, so people that come from the Wii to PS3 should be alot better at FPS games with Move then people that have been using DS3.

MysticStrummer3050d ago

Those laughing at Move need to wake up. Zipper has already said that the Movers are dominating the Dual Shockers during the development of Socom 4. On topic - I have had a keyboard hooked to my PS3 since day one and mouse support has always been available as well. It's up to the devs to add support for these things in their games. This article just shows a lack of knowledge about the PS3.

dirigiblebill3050d ago

"I have had a keyboard hooked to my PS3 since day one and mouse support has always been available as well. It's up to the devs to add support for these things in their games. This article just shows a lack of knowledge about the PS3."

Mouse and keyboard functionality has always been available, yes, but not every developer has chosen to make use of it. The Eagle-Eye lets you play games with a mouse and keyboard *even* when not supported out of the box.

badz1493050d ago

"with his hands glued to his legs while using move..." - dude, that's how you play even using normal controllers! you don't hang up your hands in the air all the time while gaming! the beauty about the move is you can sit and play like normal controller + light gun in games like SOCOM!

rezzah3050d ago

Using the arm/wrisk as the pointer is more direct than using the thumb.

JoySticksFTW3050d ago

Well, that's pretty encouraging to hear if you have any doubt about Move's abilities

Sony should use it as a Trojan horse to sell Move controllers

Kid: That's it!!!11!!! I'm sick of getting pwned! I'm getting a Move!!1!! >:[

It could happen :)

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InfectedDK3050d ago

There already is the "XFPS RateUp"
But if it is cheaper or better I might buy it..
I do not have the "XFPS RateUp" anyway..

pangitkqb3050d ago

And what an awesome way to use a Ghostbusters' quote. It would be fun to fight mouse and keyboard against controller gamers. It wouldn't be fair, but it would be awesome!

DA_SHREDDER3050d ago

I might actually play Killzone if it fixes the lag in the controls. BTW, how can you screw up something that was already broken?

n4gno3050d ago

what are you talking about, killzone controls are just perfects (but not for noobs liking auto aim) : GOTY for better competitive fps, don't forget.

jjohan353050d ago

Allowing a keyboard on the PS3 will hopefully push RPG developers to allow mouse + keyboard support on their console games. Cough Cough Bioware!

fuckitimout3050d ago

this is why I'm not thrilled by this motion control crap. It's just as easy as a keyboard and mouse. Takes no real aiming skill imo

kneon3050d ago

I've been gaming since the dawn of time :) well not quite but I remember pong, the atari 2600, colecovision etc. The first non-console game I played was probably zork on a pdp-11. After that Apple ][ and then PCs. And all that time I've hated using a keyboard for most games, the later addition of mice didn't win me over.

I've spent an obscene amount of money on all manner of controllers over the years just to avoid using the keyboard+mouse. things got really expensive when I was into flight sims. I know the mouse is more accurate for FPS games, but I still hate it.

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ElementX3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Wasn't this submitted like a week ago?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Yeah. They tested the Keyboard and Mouse on PS3 with MW2.

divideby03050d ago

there was another company showing off the same add on.
one of these are a must buy for me...

xabmol3050d ago

3D mouse > 2D mouse

And besides, WASD sucks.

Anon73493050d ago

Your screen is 2D, so a 2D mouse would suffice.

Plus the mouse is more accurate and faster than a move, the move just has an extra dimension.

WASD sucks in comparison to an analogue stick though, even I a PC gamer can agree with that.

Focker4203050d ago

I wonder if Sony will mention this at E3?? It could attract a ton of PC gamers.

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