Rumor: Slim 360 + Wi-Fi + 250GB HDD @ E3

Another big e3 rumor is coming our way, this time from the same man that confirmed Halo:Reach before it was announced at last year’s E3. Neogaf member ” Annoying Old Party Man” is known for being “right” with his inside information.

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deadreckoning6663049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I believe it. The real question much?

edit: dude, if this with Natal bundled in it is sold for 300 bucks...then 360 will "win" this generation as far as sales are concerned. Not even joking here. Right now, I have ZERO plans to buy a 360..but if the price is right, I'm buying in a heartbeat. Microsoft seriously has a chance to topple Ninty this generation if they price this bundle correctly.

@dangert12- I find it sad as well. Mainstream America will look at a Slim 360 with Wi-fi built in and will praise Microsoft, completely disregarding the incredible value that Sony has been giving us for years. However, the reason M$ can get away with this is because they came out FIRST. In 2005-2006, people got used to getting ripped off and not having Wi-fi.

If the PS3 had come out first with Wi-fi built in, the 360 would've have been screwed.

dangert123049d ago

what i find sad is both the over console had built in wifi since launch 4 YEARS later it comes to xbox and its news WIFI in a console is news 4 YEARS after the other competing consoles did it and it comes as standard in lot of tech these days

Hideo_Kojima3049d ago

Don't talk about this from a technical point of view. Its just economics.

The only reason 360 didn't have WiFi is because they wanted it to be really cheap and save as much money as possible.

Now that all the hardware has dropped in price it will be cheaper for them to give it for free.

simplyRealistic183048d ago

wii had wifi and still was lower then the other consoles, wifi is not that expensive to implement so stop with the horse-sh**

Hideo_Kojima3048d ago

WTH are you talking about?
Of course Wii would be cheaper no matter what.
Do you think the hardware in the 360 and the Wii have similar capabilities.

I am not even trolling or being a 360 fanboy because I never had a 360 and I don't plan on getting one my PS3 is enough.

But MS didnt leave the WiFi out because it didn't fit or something it was just to save money. I think you stupid if you disagree.

adamx3048d ago

xbots think ps3 and wii, have never had wifi or even free online play for that matter.

klado3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )


Even the DS hsd Wifi so, still the horse-sht on.

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PS3GamerFix3049d ago

anyone who believes this is going to go for under 299$ is delusional. its not going to happen. Microsoft just have to compare to how they are screwing over their customers with price of add-on devices and at 299$ it looks like the deal of the century.

nickjkl3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

thats what im like why is everyone lookig for a 360 slim like it doesnt make sense for microsoft to revision the cpu in the 360 multiple times to fix a hardware malfunction to no avail and then decide to shrink the size of the components

it just confuses me

sony shrinks the ps3 for cost efficiency so why is microsoft doing it

cliffbo3049d ago

if they do bring out a 360 slim will it have the power brick built into ?

simplyRealistic183048d ago

just because sont did it, you think microsoft will do too, uh uh

Hallmark Moment3049d ago ShowReplies(5)
Darkstorn3049d ago

This might actually make me buy a 360. $199 isn't a bad price considering what you're getting (that is, if the hardware is functional).

AAACE53049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

If true, I suspect the price will be about $400! It looks as if the 360 has a price cut on it's way due to the fact that there are games bundled with it. A redesign will allow then to add the N wireless tech and bundle Natal with it. That would allow them to have that bundled and offset the price. For some reason though, I kept thinking that MS was going to throw a BR player in there with the slim redesign. I guess because they said they would probably release a blu-ray player for the 360, but haven't said much since then.

I suspect Sony will do some kind of bundle with the Move as well. The only thing about a Ps3 bundle I can't figure out is if they will replace the dual shock 3 with the Move, or include them both! Because technically, you can replace the DS 3 with the Move.

I guess we'll find out in a couple of days!

RememberThe3573049d ago

It's looking like the PS3 might get a price cut even though no one seems to be asking for it. I would expect MS to release a slim console with a build in HDD and Wi-Fi for 199 to match Sony. I expect both to launch bundles that include their respective motion controllers.

jakethemuss3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

360 on old n4g.

ForNgoods3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

When was the last time Microsoft price anything right?? How much are the stand alone HDD, wirelss N-adaptor, or xbox branded jump drives?? I would hold your breath for a 300 dollar price point. especially if its packed with natal.

NYPunk883049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

From what it says here the PS3 debut with WiFi included. Not that I ever used it because of how it will affect online MP matches.
"All models, excluding the 20 GB model, include 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi."

Unless MS adopts Blu-ray I don't see them being on the same level. The tech is just not comparable and MS needs to suck it up and bite the bullet and start shipping the box with Blu. I would hope that one day both boxes will be at the same level performance wise because then we could start focusing on what really

Natal + WiFi + 250 HD = very expensive. Don't expect MS to debut a new technology and take a loss on it. They're in this business to make money and not give away hardware just so fanboys have something to brag about.

But if you want all this tech and more for a good price then just get a PS3.
Amazing exclusives
3D gaming
Free online gaming
PS Move($50)
easily swappable HD

All for $300 with move $350

Looking at this line up I think Sony is going to take it this year. Whoa!

Pootangpie3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Amazing exclusives

yeah when there short lived and no one talks about them seriously how many people are still playing KZ2 or MAG for that matter haven't heard a single peep from any of my friends that own a PS3 I know many people that still play MW2 halo 3 and BC2 on 360

3D gaming

Oh so you experience it first hand and know it's good even though no game on PS3 supports it yet next please

Free online gaming

yeah come back to me when your download times and updates don't take about forever please and your web browser doesn't suck and your interface isn't a cluttered mess at least MS totally revamped it's dashboard and doesn't require firmware updates every once a week

PS Move($50)

uh excuse me you have offically word of the price point of move even though sony never announced it yet dumb comment and retarded speculation moving on


for what? extra storage space your totatlly right about that espically since Uncharted 2 is still only 8-10 hours long and doesn't support more then 8 player cap limit but how is that it's bluray man it's a blank disc adds no power to the PS3 aside from storage space it's a BLANK ****ING DISC they could add a lemon minted smell to it and you fanboys would drool like nerds


this is the only claim you get points on but your still retarded

easily swappable HD

at least MS doesn't enforce mandatory installs on us and the HDD don't crash and cause complete reformatting losing all data in the process

NYPunk883048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

OF CORSE PEOPLE STILL PLAY MAG THE GAME CAME OUT ONLY A FEW MONTHS AGO. As a matter of fact people still play KZ2. You don’t have a PS3? No?Then shut the fuck up.

3D gaming

Are you a fucking retard? Stardust HD and Wipeout HD are in 3D moron! Local shop here in NY has a 3D capable set w/demo. What, you mean to tell me that the Xbox still doesn't have 3D gaming?! But you knew that already

Free online gaming

You’re fucking stupid. PSN DL/UL speeds are fine.

PS Move($50)

That’s the rumor. Oh did I not mention that? My bad.

Yeah why Blu-ray...there’s no need...pfft! Blu-ray just happens to be the de-facto standard for the movie industry and whether you want to admit or not it fucking matters. Dude stop talking out your ass.


Trolling moron.

Swappable HD

What the fuck does that have to do with swapping out a HD? Oh because you’re a fucking troll and everything that you listed is pure BS. But of course MS invented a technology that some how makes it immune to harddrive crashes and data loss. lol idiot!

Last question - You mad? lol

strickers3048d ago

People are still playing Warhawk,let alone the other 2.There are some games that now support 3D(Super Stardust,Wipeout,Motorstorm PR new demo)

PS3 has a web browser,unlike 360 and it does work.

PS3 features more players per game online,less lag and is more reliable(Live didn't work for 2 weeks,xmas 08)

Uncharted 2 looks better than any 360 game ever,as does Killzone 2 and
God of war3,why?Blu Ray/Cell combo.

Hardware arguement is your best though.I've put a 320gb western digital HDD is my PS3.Better than MS rip off AND the 360 dies completely,a lot.
I can say all this because I've owned both since launch.Personal experience.
You don't and never have owned a PS3,have you?

Misterhbk3048d ago

There are still a ton of people playing MAG, there are still a ton of people Playing KZ2. Obviously you don't own a PS3 or those games, but I think you only mentioned 2 of the PS3's massive list of exclusives here. What about Modnation which has TONS of people on everyday, I still haven't completed everything in God of War so I still play that, same with Uncharted 2. Oh, and just so you know, your mention of MW2 is foolish because how many PS3 users are still playing that game? A TON! I could go on about the other bull you posted, but I think this is enough.

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dreamcast3049d ago

199 for a slim 360 with wifi and hd would be sexy.

simplyRealistic183048d ago

it would, IT WOULD, but to bad

vhero3048d ago

Wi-Fi built in?? This is MS we are talking about they will never include Wi-Fi with the console purely because they are making a fortune on the adapters. I think everybody who knows MS by now knows they won't kill sales of one of there biggest profit earners as well as there biggest selling accessory. Get real. FAKE. Gamesthirst are just bashing out anything they can think of off the top of their heads here. This is like the 3rd BS rumour today??

weazel3048d ago

Deadreckoning..... You already have a 360! Why buy another?

adamx3048d ago

Because it does what its told! also puts the lotion on its skin...

weazel3048d ago

...........or it gets the hose again.

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Nitrowolf23049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

If this is true and the price is right i will buy it (with NATAL bundled)
i am really hoping it isn't anything over 400$ for this if its bundle plus a game (and remotes still)

Brian52473049d ago

Is my guess. The 250GB HD makes me believe it won't hit the sub-200 mark.

NastyLeftHook3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

the 250gb hdd drive looks to be a great addition, and in my book it will be the 2nd best console this gen behind the ps3. and wifi will also be a great addition.

N4PS3G3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

That's probably too low..they will leave the arcade model at $199 and Introduce Natal+Slim at $299 most likely

N4GAddict3049d ago

$249 with Natal. Barebones, it will be $199

D4RkNIKON3049d ago

So Natal comes free? I don't see how that's possible

pwnsause3049d ago

i dont think theres any doubt that we will see a slim 360 next week.

real question is, how much will it cost?

Nitrowolf23049d ago

i am guessing 150-199$
and if its true this will be used to be bundled with NATAL which i am guessing bundle price between 300-400$

N4GAddict3049d ago

The arcade version will go down to $149 at least.

PS3GamerFix3049d ago

It would make sense since for the average consumer it may seem like a better deal than the ps3 slim at 299$ although we all know its far from the truth.