Reach Out And Talk To Someone

Critical Gamer writes: At some point, we have to face facts: not everyone is a hardcore gamer. Worse yet, the ratio of people actively playing games to the people who don’t know their thumb from their arse-end is something like 1:1,000.

Yes, chances are your friends aren’t gamers. Chances are your parents aren’t. Chances are your significant other isn’t. So who is, exactly? It probably isn’t the guy at the local Wal*Mart, even if he does work in your Electronics section.

Well, this is the future. You rely on the internet, of course. A fanciful, digital playground where you can hide yourself in a cloak of anonymity, feeling free to curse in Caps Lock about anything you want, any way you want, with little regard for tact or other people’s feelings.

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movements3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )


I'm hardcore but I have a life.....

I love socializing and I'm also a recording artist! The world is lovely! Well at least my part of the world 0_o

scruffy_bear3103d ago

Same here I'm hardcore gamer too but I've enjoy my life outside games too

RememberThe3573103d ago

I love gaming and I play a ton of games but I'm not the type to put all of my time into gaming. My part of the world isn't so lovely but that's one of the reasons I got into gaming - to take my mind off of bullshit - but there is still a lot out there to see and do.

mjolliffe3103d ago

Yeah I'm a hardcore gamer, but you've got to give yourself something else other than video games...

cobraagent3103d ago

The advice of the month. Now lets be serious, you can do whatever the hell you want. You want to play games 24/7? Fine, do that. You want to go out and talk to people? Fine, do that. What is the point of these articles???

Cubes3103d ago

It's trying to find the right balance and not overdoing it. Being a veteran gamer I get perhaps 3 or 4 hours gaming per night if I'm lucky. Which is probably more than enough to feed your habit, without losing your grip on reality.

scruffy_bear3103d ago

Older we get the less time most of us get to play due to work and family