Most Wanted Dreamcast Ports on PSN/Xbox Live

A group of Dreamcast ports that would work well on PSN and Xbox Live.

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dangert123055d ago

they should remake shenmue from the ground up
not just ad hd
great game and deservse it

RememberThe3573055d ago

I love to have have those on the PSN or Live.

Nitrowolf23055d ago

i would like to see them still on PSN/XBL
but a remake i would love to have

thereapersson3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Power Stone!!

Acquiescence3055d ago

Because time spent remaking it could be time spent completing the saga and giving it the send-off it deserves.

Information Minister3055d ago

I absolutely agree! It would just be silly to spend time and resources remaking Shenmue 1 and 2 when they could be put to much better use developing Shenmue 3 to finish the story.

I already have the first 2 games. I want to know how it ends!

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Lordsolidusx3055d ago

I bet it will be the most demanded game to be ported over

Shendow3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

So of those games are ok but not the best games on the Dreamcast and one is a Japan only title (So I don't see it coming).

My list:

Shenmue 2 (It was on the Dreamcast but not in the US).
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Street Fighter A3
Sonic Adventure
Jet Set Rideo
Blue Stinger (It may not be the best title but it was the best horror game I played on the Dreamcast and had good replay).

That would be my list of games I would like to see and maybe Gundam (That game look sick on the Dreamcast and their hasn't been one like it).

cervantes993055d ago

Blue Stinger would be awesome!

It was a bit clunky in the control department, but I really liked that game. Also Carrier would be fun to have as I liked that one as well.

Shendow3055d ago

I haven't seen any Gundam games done like this.

Lavalamp3055d ago

Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2 please and I'll be as happy as can be!

justlikeme3055d ago

Skies of Arcadia

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The story is too old to be commented.