New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Tonight On Spike

PS Blog : "PlayStation is going to dominate Spike’s GTTV E3 All Access Special with video debuts of Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Gran Turismo 5."

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PirateThom3144d ago

Sony really don't care about E3, do they?

Hyrius3144d ago

Too many things to announce.

WildArmed3144d ago

I agree.
It seems like they have waaay too much content this time around.
Or they are going to focus on Move, so they are bringing the other big guns out now?

Either way.. CAN"T WAIT!

btw, is it just me or does Marisa Miller sound very monotone.. like I dont wanna be here with the nerds but i'm getting paid to be lol

ShinMaster3144d ago

Either they will focus on surprise/unannounced titles


They will focus on showing some pretty cool gameplay from those recently announced titles, plus new announcement.

My bet's on the latter one.

deadreckoning6663144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Yeah, they're getting the sequels we already know are coming out of the way so that they can announce new IPs.

@Nitrowolf- I hope they don't spend most of the time focusing on Move/3D gaming. But I doubt this will happen. HHG already confirmed 5 first part Sony exclusives for E3 that we don't know about yet.

Rock Bottom3144d ago

HHG... confirmed!...

Did he confirmed it with a question mark at the end of the sentence?

raztad3144d ago

I have to agree with DEAD. With known sequels out of the way, Sony can save time for stuff nobody is expecting. For example, GT5 launch date and new IPS like StarHawk.

Nitrowolf23144d ago

yeah i wonder what they got in store
i have a feeling the majority of their E3 will be focus of MOVE and possibly PSN Premium (myby a demo of the rumor XMB changes ect)

man you would think they would hold this stuff for E3, This is like a mini E3 going on right here tonight

yoshiro3144d ago

yea i guess not...well whatever, i wanna see it!

D4RkNIKON3144d ago

lol they want to steal the show before it even starts. Then hopefully drop some bombshells on us during their conference. I am definitely recording this GTTV tonight. Sony is pwning right now.

NastyLeftHook3144d ago

cant wait for gt5, finally a next gen racing game! (besides gt prologue)

thereapersson3144d ago

Sony has enough content under their wing to where they can get away with such early announcements, and still have some quality content saved for the big show. Unlike Microsoft who is going to blow their entire load at E3, and make a huge spectacle out of the whole thing (MTV, etc.). Sometimes I wonder just how much Microsoft is focusing on GAMES this generation, and not flashy theatrics and non-gaming related announcements.

Greywulf3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

The gaming news... E3 is just a show? What the hell does sony's show at E3 have to do with any level of entertainment that I'd personally have? Oh right, nothing at all.

E3 on N4G & In the media is now like some sort of.... not really tangible.. gaming... trophy? Microsofts going to "win" E3, with its show and advertising. But Its not showing any gaming or technology, just like every previous E3.

Microsoft Wins e3! And Sony just dropped 6 huge titles, that we all know will raise the bar, and be very enjoyable experiences. Just like last E3. If you even look at the games both released since last E3, Sony's had more AAA titles. Look at the technology from last E3 to this E3. People have ONLY seen Ricochet from MS, While move has delivered demos/multiple titles/Wii games coming over. As far as your gaming hobby goes, Sony's been delivering games, updates & content.

E3 feels like a twilight zone at this point. Its as if the gaming news doesn't matter, but the Cirque De Soleil show has more significance, and some multiplatform announcements. Microsofts Hottest news shouldn't be that it showing its show with MTV & timesquare, it should be game news.. right? But nope, they are convincing people that the show is relevant to their console ownership..

The BIGGEST news for Microsoft is Natal... Which isn't even aimed at the general gamer here at n4g.. Its dumbfounding at times how insignificant E3 is to actual sales/gaming, but how major it is at the same time. Really doubt Americans/world at this point don't know what either console is & has to offer.

Lets just say that I have no problem having gaming news, and new titles. And if that makes Sony & I a loser at E3, I'll gladly don a big L on my forehead. I don't have to pretend that both consoles are offering amazing things, when Sony has proven they will at every year, and MS has the beatles. I mean come on.

NYPunk883144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Because they've gotten more attention from the press/web leading up to E3 than they ever would have gotten from a couple of days at E3. Smart!

cmrbe3144d ago

The internet and mobile wireless media is much bigger than it was. Anyone can access youtube for example from basically any handheld device anywhere right now. E3 is still the biggest gaming show but it not the only major avenue gamers can get their gaming info fix from anymore.

I think Sony realise this. Its important not to just focus on one major showing at one gaming show. With the amount of content and features they have to announce i am not surprise.

bnaked3144d ago

OMG Killzone 3 + GT5 Trailers??? HOLY F*CKING SH*T!!!!!!

mcslick1013144d ago

I fucking hate racing sims. Drive your own car instead.

CernaML3144d ago

Yeah sure, I would love to take my Ferrari F2007 out for a spin and do 150MPH on a 35MPH limit road.

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Nitrowolf23144d ago

This make me wonder what Sony is going to do at this E3, i mean we aren't even there yet and already they revealed MS:A LBP2, KZ3, Infamouse 2 and now they are going to show us trailers of the game (which i would think they would do at E3 like they usually do)

I hope we Get a GT5 date

sikbeta3144d ago

This Game needs to be out this Year For The Gamers that are Waiting for it and can't wait anymore...

PS3GamerFix3144d ago

Getting really tired of GT5 trailers.... this game better come out this year.

Nitrowolf23144d ago

i have a feeling they will give us a date finally

Dnied3144d ago


lol no seriously, can't wait to see the damage modeling, I think its about time he reveal it :(

ThatArtGuy3144d ago

First thing I thought after reading the first two lines was:

Destruction, terror, and mayhem
Pass me a sissy so suckas I'll slay him

Mama said "Knock him out!"

Skyreno3144d ago

OH God!!!! sony ,what you not going saved this for E3 >> ? you must have something Huge Coming

TheAwesomessMan3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Mostly and by huge it has to E3 sweepable HUGE something that knocks the 360 off the radar so hard it even hits the new iPhone 4 and stops people from thinking about the iPhone 4 and 360 for a little while. Now that's HUGE.

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