10 Little Reasons We Love Earthworm Jim HD

Unlike many HD re-releases of 16-bit games on the two big consoles' download services, Earthworm Jim HD is the real deal. No blurry old sprites upscaled and smudged into a gooey mess here. All of Jim's levels, sprites, backgrounds and special effects have been redrawn, reworked and thoroughly beautified to create a genuinely stunning-looking game. Jim was always a looker, but his new, more vibrant, more detailed visuals are a truly gorgeous sight to behold.

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ChronoJoe3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Hey anyone know if this is planned for PSN? I liked EWJ.

Edit: Nevermind. "A remake of Earthworm Jim called Earthworm Jim HD was released for Xbox Live Arcade on 9th June 2010,[9] and one month later for PlayStation Network and WiiWare"