Multiplayer Gaming Needs to Grow Up

GrE writes, "Remember your first Deathmatch experience? I do. It was playing Quake with friends in 1996.

Guess what!?

Not much has changed in multiplayer gaming since those days..."

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roblef3055d ago

Man, I totally agree. How about multiplayer that isn't about KILLING THE OTHER TEAM? Jeeze.

bgrundman3055d ago

Exactly, but at the same time it is one of the biggest draws of gaming.

roblef3055d ago

Yeah. Shows you what most of the humans on the planet are like, though.

Breakfast3055d ago

Competitive and social?

Christopher3055d ago

There are a lot of possibilities for expanding on multiplayer experiences, and co-op tends to be one option. But, expanding it beyond the typical PvP elements tends to require a lot more money to design and balance than just letting everyone kill each other. And, heck, it seems people are still buying the same old games by the millions, so what incentive is there to change?

D4RkNIKON3055d ago

Hearing racist comments bothers me more than anything else online. I am white btw but I hate when some one gives another player shit for being black. They talk a lot of shit because there is no consequence for their actions. In person they wouldn't dare say such things to the face of a black person. Just rude and disgusting

Nugundam00793055d ago

I stopped playing Counter Strike as much as I used to (which was alot) it was for the reason that I kept getting the N-word thrown at me during matches--it doesnt help

The BS Police3055d ago

It's called FFA (Free For All).

CadDad3055d ago

My favorite multi-player games this gen have been non-shooters like.....

Demon's Souls
Burnout Paradise
Eye of Judgement

Shooters can be fun, but I usually stick to the single player or co-op (U2, R2) modes because I really can't handle teenagers screaming in my ear for hours at a time, I get enough of that with my 12 year old daughter.


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bgrundman3055d ago

It seems to be like they may not have thought about Co-op games though...

starven3055d ago

I just get sick of 10 yr olds who can play all day without a care.

bgrundman3055d ago

Technically, they shouldn't be able to play them because they are mostly rated "M". That is just piss poor parenting, letting the television babysit for them.

JimmyJames703055d ago

Maybe you guys need a multiplayer game in which you knit a sweater?

roblef3055d ago

How about one in which you actually run through a Star Trek show? Each play a main character or redshirt, depending on rank, which is decided by your competence at flying a spaceship and negotiating treaties, rather than headshot accuracy?

R2D23055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Just thought I get a quick ten points : )

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The story is too old to be commented.