Rumor: 8 Wildest E3 Rumors

Every E3 there's the pre-show windup, riddled with gossip and hyperbole, and every year that windup gets longer.

Which ones make sense (or don't)? Which are just pranks? Viral rumors? Intentional misdirecting from public relations agents designed to lead tens of thousands of prying eyes astray?

Like everyone else, we can only promise half-guesses in our list below, but then what's the point of E3 without a monkey-barrel's worth of surprises?

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Nitrowolf23144d ago

a 199$ PS3 would be crazy, If 300 had a huge sale spike 200 would explode those charts
If that is going to happen i can't help but feel like it will be missing some features

deepmovievoice3144d ago

its like, " were happy to announce the we are readding backwards compatibility for ps1 and ps2 games, unfortuanatly we are removing current-gen compatibility due to budget restraints. we hope you enjoy the"

Nitrowolf23144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

yeah, i am just going with SONY it was just a typo
i mean they can remove the Wifi, keep one USB port, remove the ability to play Dvd and CD, and make it more thinner
that would be the worst thing they could ever do

dude idk but using a flashDrive might be a bad idea, well def a bad move by sony if they remove the HDD, thats why PS3 HDD are bigger now because of game installation and games DL. but yeah NO HDD would shave like 50bucks off

deepmovievoice3144d ago

they could lower the harddrive, or even do like what xbox does by offering no hd and make it utilize a flash drive. Its not beyond Sony to make the user shell out for a proprietary memory card (see ps2, those were ridiculously expensive).

Cut out Wifi, HD, some usb and even though their profit margin drops theyd make a killing. Even moreso if they sold their own memory sticks like xbox is doing now (also overpriced)

Cevapi883144d ago

i doubt $199....maybe $250....and im guessing they will have some crazy bundle with a Move controller, Eye Toy and a game dedicated to the controller....i think that early adopters of the controller will each get a Move bundle...especially Sony 1st party devs like with Socom

xJxdOggyStYLe3144d ago

$199 dollar ps3 would b huge...and to compensate for the price cut...they are gonna start charging for psn? the way psn is now..seemingly the pay service , i wouldnt not need or want, but if they cut features out of the free service....then that sux..guess we will just have to wait and see here in a few days. Should be a huge/crazy e3

Cregan45843144d ago

I think the $199 rumor is true because they have a ton of exclusives announced before E3 to create a lot of buzz, and lowering the price would be the nail in the coffin for people on the fence about the PS3. I think that Playstation will announce a Premium PSN and will reduce the loss they might have from a price lowering, even though PS3 is making profit for Sony right now. I also think that having a PS3 at $199 would make it the cheapest 3D Blu ray player and Sony will promote the hell out of it for those making the switch to 3D. There is a 3D PS3 commercial floating around on YouTube, check it out.

I think a trailer for Uncharted 3 will be shown at E3.

I think Starhawk will be shown and dated for release before Christmas.

I think Jaffe is full of shit and Twisted Metal will be announced.

crapgamer3144d ago

The $199 PS3 was already de-bunked.
They are already losing close to a billion each year. No way can they take another major loss on hardware sales. The rest of the stuff everyone already knows about. Nintendo confirmed their is a DS successor and We know MS is Re-Branding the Xbox 360 with Natal. So a slim is a natural thing.

theunleashed643144d ago

i love it when 360 fanboys such as your self think a 360 slim is confirmed
yet no solid proof but when it comes to $150 dollar price tag rumor for natal all of sudden it's false and no proof god! i love hypocrites.

Tyler12103143d ago

How the hell does that make him a fanboy? He acts like the slim is confirmed when its not yea, but its not like he says oh this is better then the Ps3.

Jason1433143d ago

Monster hunter ps3. Fullscreen out on psp and ability to use ds3 with a 3000. then I wake up. Im hoping to see 2 worlds 2 in action. Back when i had the ole rrod box I loved the game. Even if it was a tachinical mess