3D Needs 1-2 Years To Become 'Meaningful' To Gaming

Although many in the industry are quick to get behind the 3D stereoscopic gaming trend, one analyst feels meaningful adoption is still a few years away.

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cyborg69713055d ago

I doubt one to two years try one to two games. Once you try it you won't wanna go back.

Nitrowolf23055d ago

i think it will end up like HDTV
Once you see it you will want more of it
I am guessing it will have a slow start and then once they start pushing really hard with advertisment and getting it out more to the public to test it will begin to have that effect of the transition between TV

Genesis53055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Yes and it has to start somewhere. I looking more forward to gaming in 3D. Than using motion controls.

CrazzyMan3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

But just like with blu-ray back then, if Sony would wait, until more people would buy HDTV, blu-ray just wouldn`t be as popular as it is today. =)
The earlier you start, the more common technology will become later.)

Hideo_Kojima3055d ago

I saw my first 3DTV today it was a 37" Sony 200hz TV and they were playing a 3D Demo which went through Motorstorm as well and it looked amazing.

I talked with the guy at the store and he agreed that 3DTVs will have a slow start like HDTVs and they will boom afterwards.

The guys that I also passed the glasses around to were gob smacked especially when the football part came on. I am sure when those guys can afford it they will buy it right away.

Giant_Chibi3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

My local best buy had a set-up in the entertainment room where they allowed you to try out their 3d tvs with the glasses. They showed the menu and a demo film in 3d. It was definitely amazing, but, just like films in imax 3d, some of the visual quality had to be sacrificed. In other words, it was kinda blurry.

If games in 3d are going to suffer from that same blurry look, then I'd rather play without the feature, or at least until they improve upon it. I'll shell out the cash when they work that out.

I guess your experience was different from mine. For me, it was like looking through a filter.

Cevapi883055d ago

i think gaming will help with the 3D movement...but the catalyst that i believe will push consumers to buy 3D TVs are movie companies....when they begin to mass advertise Blu-Ray having the capability of 3D, then more people will be exposed to the tech, and when they realize that games will have the same will only give added value towards the purchase of the TV's

Hideo_Kojima3055d ago

I don't know maybe it was the awesome salesman that made everyone come near to orgasm by talking about the technology...

But I loved it and I have complete faith in it.

Giant_Chibi3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Well, I don't doubt you. Heck, maybe I was looking at a shi**y tv. :l

I know 3d will improve with time, so I haven't really marked it off my list just yet.


I wonder if the glasses I had were in need of recharging.

Another One3055d ago

I had the same issue as Giant Chibi. The visual quality is definitely sacrificed. I was watching it on a 3,000 dollar Samsung. The thing is still a bit blurry and the tech isn't at its peak. It will get better, but it'll take a few years.

3D could certainly turn out to be a gimmick kind of thing like motion controls. It's too early to tell.

Wrathman3055d ago

i dont know about you guys.but i dont look to buying a new tv until my current tv breaks.and at that point ill examine the option of 3dtv.

but its not the same as 4 or 5 years ago when hdtv launched.for starters i didnt need £120 glasses per person per tv.

for the time being..3d is for the cinema,watching niche films like alice in wonderland.high def is fantastic no matter wot film you watch.but im not goin to the movies or renting a chick flick in 3d.

but if you guys want to see tears in 3d..then thats your could be good tho.but imagine gettin caught jerkin with those glasses on.everyone would know you were watchin smut..anyone with glasses will tell u,sweatin while wearing glasses leaves a dent around your nose.

if you dont wear glasses and you come out of your room just cum flushed..thats suspect.if you come out of your room..cum flushed and a glasses dent around your nose..thats just fvckin obvious!


Danteh3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I've always said that 3D is the future og gaming and I'm so proud of Sony supporting it... but most of us bought an HDTV only a few years ago and simply can't afford buying a new 3D TV :(

@Wrathman wtf dude, already planning your future 3D porn endeavours? -_-

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TheAwesomessMan3055d ago

I agree. The difference in watching a 3D movie at a theater and playing an HD game like Killzone 3 on your own 3DHDTV set up is that you occasionally watch 3D movies at theaters not all the time so it has become your new standard but owning your own 3D HDTV will well not set the standard for game playing or movie watching but it will always be the first thing you think when considering what mode you want to play a game/watch a movie on.

AAACE53055d ago

#d tv won't be great until they make one where you don't need glasses. I like the idea of #d tv, but the glasses cost to much, are too easy to break and feel stupid and gimmicky to me!

Another One3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I keep telling people that 3D gaming won't have enough of an install base to be meaningful until the next generation of consoles. 3D televisions don't make up a huge part of the market yet because they're still too expensive.

3D gaming is great for that small percentage that can take advantage of it and it's a good idea that Sony is jumping on the train early, but it wont make a difference until the next generation of consoles.

EDIT: I also agree with AAACE5. The glasses are easy to break and 3D still feels a bit gimmicky. I've seen 3D in action on a super expensive Samsung and it's cool, but not all it could be yet.

Boody-Bandit3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

The only reason I am getting one is for gaming. I think gaming in 3D is going to being incredible. Do you guys remember the 1st time you went from analog video to S-Video (PSone for me)? The 1st time you played a game on a Hi Def flat panel using component or HDMI? The 1st time you have a decent (5.1) surround sound system cranked playing a well written game in Dolby Digital?

Did any of you try the VGA adapter for the Dreamcast on a PC monitor?

With each and every new upgrade I was hooked! All of it adds to the immersion while gaming. My favorite was playing a survival horror game in my theater on a 10' screen in my basement when the family was away on vacation. All the lights out, playing after dark in a room with no windows, sound system cranked, 5000 watt sub cooking, in a dark and dreary basement (muhahaha)! Freaky awesome!

I think 3D gaming might possibly be the best addition to gaming in a long time. Personally I cant wait for it. The first must have game in 3D and I will purchase a display the day I pick up that game if not sooner.

I am in the process of setting up a room just for 3D. I am actually posting this message from that very room. I'm so pumped for 3D!
*giggles like a school girl*

socomnick3055d ago

3d also needs 5-9 years before consumers even begin to get interested.

fuckitimout3055d ago

until they make it available without those f'ing glasses which is simple. Costs too much too so I'll let the beta-testers give their money and their headaches. And to hell with motion controls

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D4RkNIKON3055d ago

Only because it will take about 2 years before 3DTVs are in more homes like it took time to make the transition to HDTVs. Doesn't mean some lucky rich folk won't adopt it early and be ahead of the curve. FUTURE PROOF

Alcon Caper3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

meaningful to HOME THEATERS. I refuse to believe that people will buy 3D TVs just because of gaming. If they are to succeed with this they need just as much movie support as they needed with Bluray.

TheAwesomessMan3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

This is also true for 3D to be the 'Standard Family Enjoyment' there needs to be more support for Blu-ray movies and let's face it in reality the only people who are going to enjoy 3D gaming is Hardcore gamers, imo.

raztad3055d ago

1-2 years sounds ok. Good thing is the games will be there waiting for you 3DTV set.

keysy4203055d ago

million 3d players already in homes

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