Metal Gear Coming to Cell Phones

While celebrating the 20th anniversary of Metal Gear in Japan today, the company announced a handful of goodies coming our way -- and one of those Snake-filled gifts is Metal Gear on a cell phone near you.

Metal Gear Solid Mobile will be set in the Metal Gear Solid 3 world and be a fully 3D experience. The title will be available through EZweb and will be included on a particular Sony Ericson model as a default application.

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techie5422d ago

SHow me the duplicate or don't report. This has just been announced.

ReconHope5422d ago

duplicate links mandatory.

Marona5422d ago

So... is this one of the new "Products"?

Xwow5422d ago

this is the other MGS,too bad xbox fans your light of hope(MGS4 in x360)have gone :D

clownfacemcgee5422d ago

Those are some pretty graphic for a cell phone. I king of imagine it being hard to play though with the normal cell phone keys.