10 Reasons Why We Love Kevin Butler

Sony's fair-haired VP of "It Does Everything" is going to be at E3 2010, and gamers across platforms would have it no other way. We love the guy, despite knowing him only a short time. SFX-360 gives you ten reasons for this star-crossed kind of feeling, just how you like it.

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-Alpha3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

He is not only a great face for Sony to campaign the PS3 in a cool, new, attitude, but he is also a great tool for Sony to express their thoughts about the competition or to say generally douchey things in a way you otherwise can't. He is essentially not only an effective advertiser but he can also be a PR Guy that you can't hate, if Sony so choose, and they have with that MOVE trailer. Like I said before the KB character is really smart.

Hope to see him co-host with Tretton, they make a pretty good team, but I doubt he really knows much about the PlayStation in real life.

Nitrowolf23054d ago

i want him at E3
Mybe he will introduce the new PSP commercial kid

RageAgainstTheMShine3053d ago

Kevin handling all the PR stuff and Jackie T handle the business decisions.

blumatt3054d ago

It's witty, relatable, and it works! People love the new commercials. Sony really got it right this time and I truly believe Sony could ride these ads for a long time to come. I don't see myself or anyone getting tired of Kevin Butler's ads. Sony's hitting its stride and it's showing in a big way.

Christopher3054d ago

First, Kevin Butler is one of the best, if not the best, decisions Sony has made this generation. A comedic face for a gaming company that evolves with each game being advertised and adds personal levels of interest to each game with the appropriate personal interaction, whether it's an MVP baseball player or a CEO that sign's his checks. The writing behind the character as well as the actor's ability to really sell it is just golden all the way around.

Second, thanks for a site that decides to get a bit creative with their article rather than creating flamebait material. Yesterday it was your consoles as girlfriends from one site and today a good send-up for a great marketing icon. Also, had a good chuckle at "Note to self: Invest in anything tight and orange."

Darkstorn3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I say completely replace Tretton with Butler at the E3 conference. Jack Tretton doesn't speak well and comes off as nervous, whereas Butler can hold a room.

JD_Shadow3054d ago

Trenton wasn't nervous last year. He was understandably at E3 08, though, because of what happened the day before (MS's FF13 announcement that shocked about EVERYONE).

chiwoo3054d ago

they should both host e3 togather.

sikbeta3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Because he Only does Awesome ads...

tplarkin73054d ago

Kevin Butler is quite versatile. He was also played on the Chicago Bears as a Super Bowl champion kicker.

ps2ftw3054d ago

you mean american "football"
football is known worldwide as what is known in america as soccer.

jmare3054d ago

NA == World;

//Or did you not get the message

branchedout3054d ago

Isn't soccer spelled futbol? Or some variant with a u?

It makes it much easier to distinguish.

despair3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )


nope its football. Futbol is some non english countries word for football . For us non US persons "soccer" is always football and as for your american rugby...its american football...just for clarification.

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iPirates3054d ago

His twitter account rocks. Love that guy

badz1493054d ago

I love him because he's fvcking HILLARIOUS!

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D4RkNIKON3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

He has the absolute best quotes

-It's as Futuristic or NOWeristic as it gets (KB-MOVE)
-Too much hair gel says what? (Artist Spotlight)
-I'll just file this under not an issue (UC2)
-Pew Pew pew (KB-MOVE)
-Hold on... ... Thanks for coming! (GOW3)
-You can't believe everything you hear on the internet, that's how WW2 got started (Rumor Mongor)
-We in the future have what we like to call "Buttons" which turn out to be pretty important to the hand full of millions of people (KB-MOVE_
-My muse speaks to me, she says encouraging words like synergy and ham sandwich. (Artist Spotlight)

and the list goes on. I love those damn commercials, they make me laugh every time.

@Alpha - I think I like it better after they changed it. Nigerian millionare wasn't as funny IMO. But yeah that pissed me off about LBP. Such a dumb ass reason to hold the game within days of release.

-Alpha3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

"-You can't believe everything you hear on the internet, that's how WW2 got started"

That line was stupid and made absolutely no freaking sense because they changed it. Nigerians got mad over the original, which was a lot more funnier, and for some reason, Sony easily caves in towards censorship and criticisms from these groups.

Remember when Muslims got mad over LBP that LBP got delayed? I was so pissed off. And "Ten Years of Passion"? Where they had a crucified gamer in relevance to the Passion of Christ to celebrate PlayStation's tenth year? Sony apologized and took that down if I remember correctly. I don't understand them, why go through the process of making an advertisement that you know is controversial and take it down when people make the slightest of criticisms? I really liked the Nigerian quote. Wtf does WW2 have to do with the internet anyway??

/Rant over.

blumatt3054d ago

The ad did say "... or I'd be a Nigerian millionaire by now..." They changed it because some people got pissed about it. I thought it was hilarious and very true. We can't help if a lot of those internet scams come from Nigeria. I agree the WWI line didn't sound nearly as good.

Sunny_D3054d ago

Definately. Computers weren't even around when WW1 or 2 was happening. The Nigerian qoute was in relation to the email frauds that were originating in Nigeria a few years ago.

mrv3213054d ago

Computers WHERE around in WW2.

cyborg69713054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Colossus was a computer that filled a large room that helped the allies break the enigma code in ww2.

JD_Shadow3054d ago

Hey, it's Kevin Butler we're talking about here. It doesn't really HAVE to make sense. If HE says it, it HAS to be true.

He's THAT epic, after all.

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jmare3054d ago

It was WWI, and the Nigerian line was better.

Christopher3054d ago

Yeah, Nigerian line was much better and spoke much better to the target audience, IMHO.

Original commercial:

sikbeta3054d ago

I remember a Video in Youtube whining about the "I'd be a Nigerian billionaire by now" Sentence, The original ad was Freaking Funny but you know Sony needed to remove it cos even Nigerian Politicians wanted to whine and blow the whole thing out of Proportion and such...

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dawnallama3054d ago

The Modnation Artist Spotlight I had to watch like three times in a row :P But being a girl gamer, the God of War 3 spot where he's ignoring the girlfriend is just priceless.

The Iron Sheik3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Kevin Butler ads are the only ads worth not fast forwarding through on my DVR.

@ disagree ok you got me, that Red Dead Redemption ad I saw yesterday during the NBA finals was great and i will not be fast forwarding through that either.

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