ShockCast Episode 18 - E3 Predications Extravaganza

DualShockers writes, "It’s about to be that time of the year again. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is only 72 hours away and the DualShockers team will be there to cover every second of it. However before we embark for the city of angels we figured what better way to get ready for the convention than to have our very own predictions show. We had a good friend of ours Torrance Davis the Editor-In-Chief of TheBitBag join in on the festivities with some predictions of his own. Listen in as we discuss Natal, Move and the 3DS and why these three hardware additions will probably spawn more and more shovelware. As well as why we think that Sony is the company to beat at this years show! Make sure to listen in as this is one of our most entertaining episode of the ShockCast so far!"

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Hitman07693054d ago

E3 is going to be amazing I think we all agree on that.

IG_DARKSA1NT3054d ago

From the numbers I have seen, nobody is going to win. Move and Natal are neither one gaining momentum. A blockbuster title will have to win the day.

JoelT3054d ago

a good show, but just not as good as years past. I do agree that the new motion controllers will bring shovelware to both platforms.

taz80803054d ago

E3 may be a let down if they only focus on motion stuff and gimmicks. The games will be the only saving grace it seems.

JoelT3054d ago

there will be free booze. That's always a bright spot!

iiprotocolii3054d ago

Here's hoping that this year's E3 is full of surprises. I'm not really a fan of the motion sensor, per se. But if they announce some amazing titles, other than shovelware, I'd probably be a bit more excited. I'm praying that a new Zelda is announced, though.

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