Xbox Japan Honcho at Metal Gear Event

After party is just getting started. Big time industry names like Mizuguchi and Suda51 are about. One, though, stands out. Xbox Japan honcho Takashi Sensui makes his way through the crowd. Kotaku pulled him aside for a very quick interview.

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Vojkan4106d ago

Kotaku big ear, long dark hair fanboy just doesn't give up! Even Peter Moore told him (he posted that video) NO MGS4 ON 360 and this psycho doesn't give up! Even this guy told him "what do you mean?", what a uber nerd!

Like a shadow I am4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

He was acting like a real idiot too.

But Takashi Sensui handled it with incredible style.

Maddens Raiders4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

The man happens to be friends with one of his countrymen and you continue to grill him? Hello, Moore already said it's not coming and Moore's even gone now (after not geting it), which may or may not have played into that whole clusterfvck.

Kotaku you give "journalists" a bad name with these "drive-by" interviews. C'mon seriously - grow up and stop trying to drive jet fuel towards your site.

the_round_peg4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Now that's just rude.

How about, "it's none of your business." It's an industry event, so obviously he's invited like everyone else. Jesus.

Bilzac4106d ago

Ok this rumour has been going on for like a yr...First Ron Workman said it then OXM ....and now its kinda out of hand. Since E3...Kojima...Jack..peter moore and phil harison (in his interview) all said its still an exclusive and now this guy says it. At first i was pretty sure it was gonna come out on 360 like 6-7 months after. But now im pretty sure those "reliable" sources are like the ones who said Bioshock was coming to the ps3...its Bullshit!

VirusE4106d ago

And how many people said that Gears of war wasn’t coming to pc. You can’t tell the future so stop acting like you can. There is a good chance it will be a timed exclusive. Why do I think this? Could it be that metal gear has historically come out on other systems after coming out on ps? What is so wrong with this happening anyway? Sony will have the game minimum before anyone else gets it so why are people being such fanboys about this?

The Wood4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

You keep mentioning gears not going to pc. Thats like HK saying mgs4 isnt going to psp if you know what I mean.HK has said its a ps3 exclusive so you should just leave it until we've ALL been told otherwise. Use that energy on saving the whales or something because your sounding like a broken record. At least the people arguing its a ps3 exclusive have FACT on their side instead of hope, conjecture and spite. What do you have, huh, gears and mgs on the xbox like 50 years too late. Dont judge HK by others standards. If everything was down to money then mgs4 would be released at the same time on every platform possible init and if not released at least CONFIRMED

VirusE4106d ago

The wood maybe you have reading problems so let me spell it out for you. Just like HK said its exclusive, cliffy b said gears was exclusive and not coming to pc ever, period. It is no different. The difference is in your fanboy driven brain.

"At least the people arguing its a ps3 exclusive have FACT on their side instead of hope, conjecture and spite."

Hope, conjecture and spite? I own a ps3 you retard look at my profile I have a PSN tag. Again you need to learn to read. I can buy it for my ps3 day one I have zero to gain from it coming to 360! I have ZERO bias unlike your one system self. Metal Gear isn’t owned by HK its owned by Konami and as such HK can say anything he wants to say but if KONAMI (the owner of the rights to the game) wants it to be on the 360 it will be. In this industry you can’t take anything ANYONE says as fact. Ken said the ps3 would have 4d graphics and 120fps. Funny how my ps3 doesnt do 120fps. Does yours? DMC was Exclusive yet now it isnt, funny how that changed too. Stop thinking with your fanboy ego and use your brain. They have this thing called an “NDA” look it up it will open your eyes kid.

The Wood4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

not EVERYBODY is the same virus. the fact that you have both systems means absolutely nothing to me. What you saying you cant be a fanboy or act like one yeah you knob since you wanna start name calling like a child answer me this When did HK lie? not KEN NOT CLIFFY NOT SONY NOT MS etc. mgs without HK is like the simpsons without bart. I dont need to read your psn name to know that you want it to go to the 360 and ive got no problem with that my problem is the people who claim everybody else's a fanboy retard whilst acting like 1. AGAIN UNTIL HK SAYS ITS GOING TO ANOTHER PLATFORM IT A PS3 EXCLUSIVE. Did i lie to you virus? Did HK lie to you. Maybe people lie to you all the time and thats your problem. When people talk about 4d and 120 p use that salt and take a pinch mr 'i own all systems so im better than you' cretin, grow up

Since you like to spout BS about reading why dont you read my previous comments. Ive never even clicked your name. You are really not 'up there' for me to wanna read your profile. Get over yourself. Once you've calmed/come down you'll see that I am not a fanboy and stay as objective as I can without trying to hide my preference of the ps3. Maybe ill buy a 360 just so you could shut up and accept that somebody can actually disagree with ya.

At least I gave a reason since it seems i wasnt the only one that didnt agree with you

VirusE4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Wow it sounds like I stuck a nerve! You want a tissue?

"Ive never even clicked your name. You are really not 'up there' for me to wanna read your profile. Get over yourself."
:) That is hilarious; I don’t think the problem is reading I think the problem is you are young and naïve. You implied that I was sore because I couldn’t get metal gear on the 360 (which is a fanboy comment to begin with); you obviously made an "assumption". Your assumption was that since I don’t agree with you I obviously am not loyal to Sony and it greatness and as such I must be a 360 lover. I looked at your profile simply to avoid making such assumptions, you should think about trying this next time before digging yourself into a hole with silly assumptions. It has nothing to do with ego kid, you should think before you speak.

"Did I lie to you virus?" What are you even talking about? I never said you did. This comes back to that reading problem. Go look up NDA and get back to me. Again HK DOES NOT OWN METAL GEAR!!! If i write it in spanish or maybe geramn would that help? I don’t think HK would lie but it’s not up to him. Do you not get that? Itagaki-son didn’t want ninja gaiden to come to a Sony system yet tecmo had another dev team make it anyway (You will of course dodge that point). It's called business and one day when you are old enough you will get a job at one of these “businesses” and you understand what I am talking about.

You dodge every single point I make and ignore every time I shred one of your points. You suck to argue with.

"mgs without HK is like the simpsons without bart" Kinda like final fantasy with out sakaguchi-son? Ohh yeah square fired him and HE MADE FINAL FANTASY. You know nothing about the game industry and it is painfully obvious. Ohh another point shot down.

"Once you've calmed/come down you'll see that I am not a fanboy and stay as objective as I can without trying to hide my preference of the ps3." With out owning both you are not objective, in a court of law this would be considered bias (aka in the really real world). You have a vested interest in the ps3. What games are you getting this x-mas? Only ps3 games because the 360 line up sucks right? You get to miss out on bioshock, masseffect, halo 3, lost odyssey and blue dragon all of which will be excellent games from what gaming journalist are saying. I get to play all of these games plus haze, heavenly sword, eye of judgment and lair. I don’t have a preference in systems because I am to busy playing kick arse games to give an F.

The Wood4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Thanks for responding. At least get the fanboy thing right. Judging from your responses it seems like your in the industry and any comments that dont agree with your great wisdom is nonsense. Dont assume that because i came at you I thought you only a 360 so squash that. Ive seen your comments and ive said my piece to people who can actually respond back without resulting to insults like feral who I believe, despite his knowledge, was a 360 fanboy hiding behind having the want/money/space/luck to own all consoles. What your failing to see is that despite you owning a ps3 it doesnt hide the fact that either Sony, the ps3 or its annoying fanboys have pissed you off. IF you were so righteous and forthcoming with some of the 360 guys (not just fanboys) then I would say kool but guess what Ive not seen it. Im sorry i called you a fanboy and i hate the word retard but i was quoting ya so ill leave it. Nothing you can say can make me believe im some anti ms fanboy like some on this site i tell you what though with all your insults behind a monitor its PEOPLE like you that are the worst hiding behind bubbles and Owning all consoles as aposed to people like the mart who are still annoying but are upfront and honest about their hate. NOBODY has ZERO bias. Not even parents so please cut the crap. What I failed to see that people like feral kellwatt et el may own all systems but are honest enough to show their preference (sometimes). ZERO bias you said. Thats all I needed to hear. No lol's no name calling just banter. See you another time. Oh the bomb. ill show you my previous accounts comments mr smart guy, what did they say about assumptions being the mother of eff ups. Ill pm yah my statements in some of the 360 threads (old account which i lost my email to) and you'll have to retract what you said.

Since you are so clinical and methodical in your responses ill say this. Metal gear will not be metal gear without HK. The difference between MK and the FF series is that they are mostly stand alone. HK has been involved since the start and the MGS series moved up a notch from the previous incarnations on the nintendo and others in terms of storyline. When I asked 'did i lie' i was being silly yes but my point was that HK said something and he is the most important person in the franchise to ME and MANY. You know what I mean its like a h potter book not written by HKR or movie sequels without the star of the original involved they seldom come good, maybe predator 2 but other than that they suck and I think you know this.

I suck to argue with, well yeah because im not arguing with you I just disagreed and stated my opinion and got suck into this whilst trying to cook dinner.

No business sense. ok because i didnt agree with you or because ive never witnessed loyalty. There ar different business models used by different people whats so wrong with that. SOMETIMES its not all about the money and hope the money isnt the only motivation for creativity. So instead of twisting what i said tell me when HK lied about mgs4?

Sorry about lenght, response time and bad layout..... cooking


VirusE4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

In my opinion I do have zero bias as to which system I prefer, because I don’t prefer either. I only care about the games. I will admit that I have more of a bias against some of the Sony fans on this site but it isn’t because of the choice of system. It’s because in my opinion the Sony fanboys are much more vocal, closed minded and childish than the 360 fanboys ON THIS SITE (some sites it’s the other way around). Give credit where credit is due; the general, jin kazama, nasim and BILL Gates are 4 of the worst trolls on the internet and they all swear allegiance to sony. I state again my bias has nothing to do with the system. If I had to choose one of the other it would be a hard choice each brings games to the table that I MUST own. I like blu-ray but I strongly prefer live, I dig the ps3 net browser but I hate the controller, I love halo but I hate that due to halo the 360 has to many fps games, I could go on forever. Each has features that I love; each has features that I hate. It’s a draw in my opinion and all comes back to the games. I have been playing games since I was 5 and I am now 28 years old, when I was a kid people just played games and you didn’t have this fanboy bs that you have now. I owned a genesis, a snes and a tg16 because I wanted to play strider, ys book 1 & 2 and super mario world, I wouldn’t settle for just one. I love to play games regardless of who makes them and it’s sad that few others share this feeling. People are so closed mined about games it’s sad to me. If I came out and said I love resistance and I like how they took elements from halo and half life 2 and merged them I would get killed by the sony fans simply because to own a ps3 is to hate halo which I find to be just silly. People let companies control what they do and don’t like through silly brand loyalty like this. Halo has influenced so many fps games (recharging health, nades and melee not being a weapon that must be switched to and limiting the amount of weapons you can hold) yet every sony fan feels the need to just hate all over it, no credit can possibly be given to it. I just don’t get it, a good game is a good game and I personally will not deny my self the chance to experience a good game.

I agree 100% that MGS wouldn’t be the same without HK but I also feel that FF hasn’t been the same without sakaguchi. All of my fav final fantasy games have been his creations. If HK died tomorrow they would still make MGS games simply because they sell and konami owns the rights to it. When miyamoto dies zelda and mario will go on simply because its business and money is all that matters in business. Look at what happened to gunpei yoki; he helped build the Nintendo empire and he messed up ONE time and was tossed out on his arse. It is said that before he was let go people wouldnt even talk to him due to his failures. This is the man that made metroid for god sakes. Once upon a time he was as revered as miyamoto and 1 mistake ruined it all. What about Ken the father of the playstation? Money talks and everything else walk in business. DMC and so many other games have come to 360 also simply because it is so costly to make games that profits need to be maximized.

This entire argument is all due to you saying it’s not humanly possible that mgs 4 will make it to the 360. Which I still don’t agree with and I base my opinion off of history. You are giving me crap because I don’t agree with your opinion yet it is you who attacked first. You failed to comment on ninja gaiden just as I knew you would because it is a perfect example of what I am saying about the game business.

You are correct there are different business strategies but konami was once extremely loyal to nintendo and now they are not. Things chance and konami has a history of doing so. They have made mgs games for other systems in the past why is it so hard to believe they would do it again? How do you know that HK isnt legally bound to not speak up about potential ports?

The Wood4106d ago

i see where your coming from. The 360 guys have phantom disagrees on this site. I feel i have to stay away from some threads because they stink of gasoline. Im only a year older than you and have been playing games since spectrum rubber keys, spy hunter spy vs spy attic attack bruce lee tape waiting ten plus minutes to play a game off cassette. Moved to atari then amiga (my personal golden era)suprisingly the dreamcast was my first console and ive had all major consoles except the 360. Your background knowledge seems sharp. almost too sharp but kudos to that. Back in the day games were games and needless fanboyisms didn't exist in my world. I have been sucked in many times and actually joined n4g because of some of the stuff I was reading about the ps3 and sony. This site is truly fanboy heaven/hell

Im the type of guy that believes if you wanna play gears buy a 360 and stop hawking for it and I feel the same about mgs. I DO like the look of lost odyssey and bioshock, love bomberman, panza dragoon and stuff but i should be allowed to not like some 360 games like crackdown and halo (UT on the pc IS the best multiplayer imo). I will not be boycotting capcom over DMC4 neither. Its like I hate RnB but i respect the artists and what their about. I dont hate ANY game. Nice 1 4 getting back. time to eat, starving

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paracardium4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Ok can we lay this to rest now all you xbots. Bubbles for all you ps3 mgs fans btw.

TruthHurts4106d ago

i hope your j/k.

3 years after MGS4 comes out, they`ll STILL think it`s coming to 360.
it`s REALLY sad.

anyway, see you on MGS4 online.

i`ll send you my PSN.

VirusE4106d ago

What is so wrong with being a MGS fan rather than a MGS ps3 fan? So you are saying that if they stopped making the game for PS systems that you would no longer be a fan of the game? Silly 1 bubble fanboys.

Says you4106d ago

Besides what would be the point once it comes out for the PS3 why would people buy it when its just going to be a low version of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the douchebox 360 it would be kind of pointless I mean there would be more people buying Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3.

ITR4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Why do you say that? The 360 has a bigger user base then the current PS3 user base.
Over 10 million potential buyers versus 3.7 million PS3 potential buyers.

Konami has to be betting the PS3 will have over 10 million users by the time MSG4 releases, otherwise I can't see them recouping development costs on a 10-15 million dollar game in short time frame, not to mention advertisement costs and etc..

I don't own either console, but it just makes more business sense to play ball with both companies...well unless Konami got money from Sony to cover a portion of development costs.

For those that disagree(bubble poppers), I guess you guys don't understand the avg PS3 and 360 game costs the developer around 10-15 million on avg to develop.
Hell, the SDK's cost as much as some new cars.

ITR4104d ago

I like how I lost 2 bubbles for the only post I made in like forever.
All those disagrees but no comments.

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