E3 2010: The Five Most Frequently Rumoured E3 Announcements That Probably Won't Happen

PushSquare: "With E3 speculation reaching an all-time high (we're finding it hard to keep our excitement for both E3 and the World Cup in check), the blogosphere's literally bulging with rumours of megaton-esque announcements from every corner of the industry. We've put together a list of some of the most frequent rumours, and why they're unlikely to come true."

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Nitrowolf23050d ago

wait did they ever explain what happens during those parts with ethan blackouts?
That's something big that needs to be answered cause why wourld he have an origami in his hands?

I hope we get to see more of the last Gaurdian

knight6263050d ago

Wait there is no rumor on the MGS Exclusive all we seen is the box art on xbox live and i think we might not see a release date for last guardian but we might see when will it be coming out

hamoor3050d ago

Shenmue 3 and I will run around and scream like a little girl (:

Brewski0073050d ago

I'll come back to this article and cry "fail" if one of these actually occurs :P

galgor3050d ago

Whilst Shenmue 3 might not be announced at this years show, if the originals do make their way onto PSN & XBLA and sales are good.. I'd say we have a good chance of seeing the sequel that we've all waited so, so long for.