Keighley: Gamers Will “Love” Killzone 3 Trailer, “Lots of Action!”

Tonight, at 11:00pm, the world premier Killzone 3 trailer will debut on Spike TV, and according to Game Trailers TV’s Geoff Keighley, who have seen the trailer, gamers will love it.

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-Alpha3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I'm excited, but Keighley is just plugging in his stupid show. I want to get really excited but I'll wait calmly. You can't really trust Keighley, he has always said "Omg, we have an exclusive reveal tonight, it's the greatest thing evar!" anytime he has an exclusive reveal.

Still, it's Killzone 3-- and judging from the last trailer it can't disappoint.

cyborg69713049d ago

Will be sweet can't wait. Bu bu bu that's not in game.

Blaze9293049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Alpha is 100% right. I learned not to fall into Geoff's hype machine anymore because all he does is just try to get more viewers for GTTV. Spike, Gametrailers, and GTTV can't possibly whore out the use of exclusive anymore.

Like you said, it's still KZ3 and it'll be awesome. Just not Keighley awesome.

Christopher3049d ago

Agreed Alpha, but can you blame the man? He's gotta keep people interested in the program so he can get paid. Same thing as all the other PR shills out there.

raztad3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Totally agree with everybody saying Geof K is a hyping machine for the sake of his show, yet I've been patiently waiting (well not that much) to watch this pre-alpha build. I know it's going to look awesome and the final retail will be even better. The wait for KZ3 will be painfully long.

badz1493049d ago

putting Keighley and KZ3 together makes it hard to distinguish between real awesome and fake hype for the show. he's pulling for more hits as always - no doubt about that, but this is KZ3! it might actually be truly AWESOME!

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deadreckoning6663049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Can't wait!

@Alpha-Male- Yeah, Keighley overhypes things pretty often, but I think that THIS time will acually be worth the hype. At least I hope so. The first KZ2 keep me happy for about a year but it got boring pretty quick...hopefully KZ3 brings more excitement to the table this time around.

Also, GG really needs to step up the voice acting this time around. Give them some personality like the characters in BC2.

CoxMulder3049d ago

"The first KZ2 keep me happy for about a year but it got boring pretty quick..."

raztad3049d ago


Hey man, did you think before writing that? because come on, ABOUT A YEAR and PRETTY QUICK doesnt compute. I hardly can stand the same game for more than some days, the one the last me longer was MAG with near a month of dedicated playtime. Ok, thats just me but ONE YEAR sounds like a good bang for the the buck.

Maldread3049d ago

More personality than K2, yes please. More like BC2, no way.

BC2 has the absolute worst singleplayer experience and story i`ve played in a FPS. The character`s "jokes" in BC2 makes me want to rip out my ears. The game has great sound overall, but the character`s lines is really bad.

sikbeta3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I Love KZ3 since the Day Sony/GG Announced it, Now I love it even More when I know GG is putting so Much Stuff in order to Make The Game SO Awesome...

KZ3 = Day One!!!

Headshot813049d ago

But I can't wait to get K I L L Z O W N 3 D !!!!!!

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pwnsause3049d ago

we already do...since KZ2...


The most anticipated FPS, along with Crysis 2.

waterboy3049d ago

killzone 3 will be the game im for


I think I'm in love with your avatar

Kingdom Come3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I am thankful that GTTV are running their Pre-E3 show, its difficult to wait until Monday for my E3 Dose, lets hope theres Plenty of huge announcements tonight to tide us over until E3's start...
OT: Sounds like a good start for tonights show...
ALSO!: Happy to hear we are getting gameplay of games tonight and not just CGI Trailers, can't wait!

Nitrowolf23049d ago

is E3 the 15th?

dude i think GG is past the CGI, like when they showed the CGI for KZ2 back in 05 people were like it will never look that good, it does indeed and looks allot better.

Can't wait to see the trailer, E3 is such a great event

Kingdom Come3049d ago

Its confirmed that its gameplay, I was referring to the Pre-E3 shows exclusives, they are usually CG Teasers...

SpaceSquirrel3049d ago

The show floor open at the 15th but the conferences take place before.

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