E3 10 Anticipation: Ubisoft, THQ and 2K Sports Forecast

GameZone's Louis Bedigian writes,

"However, let’s not forget that Ubisoft was also the first publisher with enough balls to make the Wii-exclusive Red Steel. Though it may not have turned out to be the long-lasting classic we had hoped for, Red Steel was a first-person action game designed for a system with unproven technology. Even now, Wii isn’t quite right for the genre, but that didn’t prevent a sequel from being produced. Considering all the praise Ubisoft has given to both Natal and PS Move, I expect the publisher to launch at least one new franchise exclusively on Natal within the next 12 months."

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athmaus3053d ago

cant wait to see waht they have

Raoh3051d ago

Please let there be a new Raving Rabbids for PS3 with Move Support