Uncharted 2: Welcome to week 2 of "The Lab" - Shotguns and Pistoles!

The 2nd lab has begun! The experimental gametype is shotguns and pistoles ONLY.
No grenades
No other weapons (including power weapons)
So get ready for some close quarters carnage!

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-Alpha3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Damn it, I barely got to play Week 1 of the Lab and I was enjoying it so much. 2 on 2 was really fun and it was over before I could even get a chance to get into my groove.

I'm not excited for shotguns and pistoles that much, I swear there is such a big lock-on for these two weapons. Still going to try it though, but personally, I can't wait for week 3: Snipers only Elimination!

blizzard_cool3052d ago

as someone who has been playing UC2 since the beta, I have to say this (even thou no one is ordering me to play this playlist): up yours ND MP department

You're purposely making playlist for powerwhores (this is bad because this says that they're okay with people overusing the strongest weapons whiyh kill as soon as you get near a person and that's really easy, as it wasn't bad enough)

-Alpha3052d ago

Well everybody has access to the shotguns and pistoles. And last week wasn't a powerhouse mode. I like this idea, I'm sure they borrowed it from Bungie who has Double XP weekends with unique playlists every other week. It's too bad though, that UC2 isn't a bigger MP game. It's really fun, and I wish Sony advertised the online too. A lot of people got upset with that stupid health patch where they made the weapons more powerful (or decreased the health or something), and I reckon a lot of hardcore players quit because of that. But the game is still fun, and this is a good way to add some spice to it.

blizzard_cool3052d ago

I wished that the Mp had a bigger community cause it is really fun to play but the powerwhores ruin a lot for me, cause running around into people isn't really a skill...

-Alpha3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

I don't mind the power weapons, you are supposed to run around and get them to control the game and they are balanced where everyone has access to them. There are different strategies too. For example, go after the Grenade Launcher straight down the middle or, go for the Deagle on the high-ground to get a better view, go for the GAU tucked away in the back, etc.

If UC2 had a bigger community we could see more custom games and community options like in Halo. Sadly, it doesn't have that big of a community. This is the one time I care about sales where it affects me personally. However, ND needs some help with sustaining a MP game anyway. The game is solid, but the way they've supported it isn't.

BattleAxe3051d ago

If you're worried about taking less damage and dying quicker, then I would say that those players are the furthest thing from "hardcore". I'm glad those pussys left.

Mista T3051d ago

we have to remember games are about having fun and enjoying yourself, not really about skill. I like this cause guess's gonna be fun! :P

van-essa3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Going to try this right now. At least with shotguns there will be a lot less campers.

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